June 2012

Friday, April 30, 2010


Since becoming a mother the word accomplishment means something new almost every day. Sometimes I have accomplished a lot when I am showered and ready for the day before noon or even at all. Some days Reed has accomplished a lot if he listens to me and does not have to go to time out. Sometimes Eve has accomplished a lot if she can stay awake when she is supposed to. It always means something new!

The hard part of accomplishments as a mom is that there is not always a great finished product at the end of the day - like a cool project you finish at work. There is not always appreciation for the accomplishments of that day. But, I know, in the end, they really are great and important things.

One of my huge accomplishments (I know this is silly) is being able to get Reed and Eve's finger nails and toe nails cut! I never realized how wiggly little kids can be until I tried to clip the nails. Reed used to be horrible at staying still while I was cutting which made me nervous because I didn't want to clip his skin. He has actually gotten much better at staying still. Eve just wants to put everything in her mouth! So, she is constantly pulling my hand to her mouth as I am trying to clip her nails. But, I did succeed 2 days ago! I clipped all sets of nails in under 10 minutes. HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! Hopefully, every time (since it is very frequently) will be that quick.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Roll Master

Eve recently went to her 4-month check-up and here are the stats from that appointment and the previous 2 where they were checking the milk protein stuff:

March 29 - 13 lbs., 1 oz.
April 12 - 13 lbs., 14 oz.
April 23 - Weight: 14 lbs., 6 oz., 65%; Height: 24 in. (although I think they were a bit conservative), 45%; Head Circumference: 16 in., 50%

So, she seems to be growing just fine and I have not had to omit anything else from my diet (phew....dairy is hard enough for me)! So, the plans are to keep nursing her as long as I can and reintroduce dairy at around 9 months. Hopefully, she will have outgrown the allergy by then! I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for that one to happen :)

She is still just a happy little baby. She recently has taken to rolling onto her stomach. She has been really close for a long time, at least a month! She would roll to her side, but seemed to like it so much, that she would stay there. I would even find her sleeping on her side. So, I knew as soon as she rolled, she would be a master at it. I was right. Eve officially rolled on April 18, 2010 (although there were many almost rolls before that). Then, on April 19 I could not keep her on her back! Every time I set her down on her back, she was on her stomach with a few seconds, I kid you not. It was pretty funny. She figured it out and was no longer satisfied with her back! Even mostly asleep she will roll from her back to her tummy! She is the roll master!

She has done the tummy to the back a couple of times, but she doesn't seem nearly as excited about that way. We'll she when she learns that rolling will get her places faster! I am already nervous!

She also does this inch worm move (that's what it looks like to me) on her stomach. She puts her head down and gets on her knees, then tries to push forward a little. I am not ready for crawling yet! Hold on little miss! She is just learning and growing so fast!

She also loves making noises. She has graduated from just cooing and has moved on to making bubbles with her spit while buzzing her lips! She even laughs at herself! So funny! She loves to talk with most anyone, but especially loves talking to mommy (this could be a sign for the future)! Ah, girls.....it just amazes me how different she is than Reed already!

Here is a fun Eve photo shoot with my friend's camera! Thanks, Regi!!

Finally looking at daddy :)

Her tongue is always out

What is going on here?

Smiles make me melt :)

So cute!

Looking for something

Ah yes, always grabbing at the dress

What is it?

Just adorable

Covering her mouth so she doesn't smile

I love this one...don't know, just do

Her dress is always up....no matter how many times I try to keep it down


There's Eve

Fingers in the mouth, of course

Again with the tongue

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gettysburg, PA

Last Friday Tyson took his Presidents' Day holiday. It actually happened during busy season, but he was not allowed to take the day off until after busy season was over, thus last Friday seemed a perfect day to take it off. We wanted to go somewhere close that didn't require a stay in a hotel and somewhere we had not been before. We settled on Gettysburg, PA. It was close (1 1/2 hours) and we had never been.

It was really amazing to go there and see where one of the most famous battles in American history took place. There were a lot of cool facts that we learned and it was just amazing how everything happened.

First off, we decided to do a personal car tour. So, a licensed tour guide drove us around in our car, telling us all the history. In my opinion, it is definitely the way to go. We could ask him any questions without feeling stupid, it was all for us instead of a huge tour, and we got great views of the entire battle ground without getting lost driving around. So, if you are thinking of Gettyburg, PA, I would recommend the guided car tour. For us, it would have been $1 more to do the bus tour. So, it was the way to go.

Our guide was actually a lot younger than almost all the other guides, not that makes a whole lot of difference. He really knew his history and you could tell that he loved telling people about it. I am going to have to get Tyson's help remember where some of the pictures were taken, but I am posting them now just to get them up! (Big THANK YOU to my friend, Regi, for letting us borrow her amazing camera! It works wonders! I want one!)

We learned that, surprising to me, Gettysburg was a planned battle spot or a spot they even thought they would meet up with each other. I guess I always thought they knew or the Union was waiting for the Confederacy there or something like that. Actually, the Union was trying to keep the Confederacy from reaching Washington, D.C., and that just so happened to be the spot where they meet up. The town (about 2,500 people at the time) had no idea this was going to happen and just got caught in the crossfire of the bloodiest 3-day battle in history. People hid in their cellars and basements until it was all over. Many of the house had cannon ball holes in them. Actually, we saw a picture of a barn that had a cannon ball hole in it just after the war. Then, our guide took us to that same barn and the hole was still there! Many of the houses have been torn down, but the barn is still up!

Also, another interesting fact was that it took 6 horses for every cannon. Thus, the horses became huge targets. The cannons also required at least 2 men. Also, the cannon balls could travel 2 miles! I was shocked when I heard that. It was just amazing to me that it could go that far. Amazing what some gun powder can do to a lead ball. I also did not realize how big the area was! I guess I always imagined just one open field where they all fought. Nope, not so. It was miles and miles and it went up and down hills with lines of troops that were literally miles long! Lee's Army was 70,000 soldiers deep, while Meade's was 93,000.

On a bit of a tangent, I cannot even imagine how the soldiers fought in their wool uniforms, with heavy artillery, in the July sun! It is so hot and humd in the summer, that I am guessing many, if not all, were dehydrated. They were also fighting almost the entire day. Guns and cannons going off produces heat. I just think I would have passed out at the beginning. I am a weakling.

Day 1 - On July 1, 1863 the two armies met up with each other in the morning and it continues through out the entire day. They started at McPherson and Oak Ridges, but eventually the Union soldiers were forced to retreat through Gettysburg to Cemetery and Culp's Hill.

Day 2 - July 2, 1863 both Generals Meade (Union) and Lee (Confederacy) arrive with the main strengths of both armies. The main parts of the armies were in two arcs: Union forces on Cemetery Ridge and Confederate forces on Seminary Ridge (to the west). The Union had secured a hill called Little Round Top, but the Confederacy fought to take that hill. They killed many soldiers, but were unsuccessful. Another part of the Confederate army attacked east of Cemetery Hill and was momentarily successful, but ended up not helping the Confederacy.

Day 3 - July 3, 1863 General Lee opened a 2-hour bombing of Cemetery Ridge and Cemetery Hill. It did little to soften the Union defensive position. Then, 12,000 Confederate soldiers charges the open fields toward the Federal center in what is known as "Pickett's Charge." General Lee lost over 5,000 soldiers in 1 hour! Thise ended the battle of Gettysburg.

Sadly, around 52,000 soldiers and thousands of horses died in that 3-day battle. After it was over, both armies left Gettysburg, leaving their dead behind. The townspeople were left to bury the dead and help the wounded that had to stay behind.

Only 4 months later, President Lincoln traveled to Gettysburg to give what is known now as "The Gettysburg Address." He had gone to help dedicate Gettysburg National Cemetery. He spoke after Edward Everett, a well-known orator of that day. Edward delivered a speech of about 2 hours. President Lincoln followed with an approximately 2-minute speech (272 words). I just think it is amazing how you don't need a lot of words to truly inspire people.

Another thing I learned is that when President Lincoln visited, not all the bodies had beenreinterred. People had been placed in mass graves and the horses burned. When the lad for the cemetery was purchased, they began the process of reinterring the soldiers. It, however, was not completed when President Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863. It took a few more years to 'finish.' There were some bodies that were never really found. In fact, there were human bones found about 16 years ago!

It was truly amazing to see the place of such an epic battle. It makes me sad to think that so many people died. I cannot imagine living at that time.

On a lighter note, Reed loved running around in the grass and he even honked the nose of the statue of Abraham Lincoln (Yeah, he was quick. We didn't realize what he was doing until after it was done. Sorry, President Lincoln)! Eve just hung out, drifting in and out of consciousness. It was a gorgeous day and not too busy!

One type of cannon

Reed enjoying he grass

He picked a few dandelions along the way

The Eternal Light Peace Memorial - the Civil War veterans dedicated this memorial to peace eternal in a nation united

Virginia Memorial - General Lee is on the horse (I am supposedly distantly related to him)

Part of the battle site

On the top of Little Round Top where the Union had a part of the army. You could see for miles up there. It was a very advantageous spot.

The view from Little Round Top

I just thought it was pretty...

Another pretty tree

Another view from Little Round Top

A Memorial (I forgot the name!)

On top of the memorial....shows many great views of the battle area...

This is what happens when you don't hold Reed's hand.

Mommy and the kids

Just after Reed had honked his nose.

Mommy, kids, President Lincoln

In the cemetery, they buried many of the soldiers extremely close together. Those that were identified had their names etched into the stone.

On the front of the cannon it had all its information: weight, when it was made, what company made it, and what number it was.

A bronze cannon

Daddy chasing Reed

Daddy and Reed (I forgot what memorial they are posing in front of)

So cute :)

This is what Eve was doing!
Reed is such a ham!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Reed

Reed just makes me laugh on a daily basis. He has a new love for shoes. First, it was wearing daddy's shoes around the house. Now, it is wearing mommy's heels around the house! He scoots his feet across the floor so he doesn't trip and is just so proud of himself when he succeeds!

He also has become quite the master at bartering. Here is a little dialog to demonstrate.

"Reed, you need to take 5 more bites. Then, you can be done."
Thinking, Reed looks at his fingers, holds up two of them and says, "Two."
"No, you need to eat 5 bites."
Thinking again, he holds up four fingers and says, "Four."
"Sorry, buddy, you need to take 5 bites."
"Five?" while holding up five fingers.
"Yes, 5."
"Ah" (which means ok).

He has improved. He used to just say, "Zero", but it seems that he actually gets the concept of bartering for something you want! Funny buddy :)

Mommy's shoes....

At the park....


Notice the tongue. He is always sticking it out!

Red putting on my shoes. He is always a jabber box when the video is not around, but the moment I push record - silence! Any words can be considered bonuses :)