June 2012

Monday, September 29, 2008

More video footage

So, I love watching videos and since I don't have a lot of time to post what I really want, I will add yet another video of Reed. Lately he has been copying a lot of sounds. He will babble and amidst that babbling will say "Mamamamamama" (but I don't count this as his first word since he does not know what he is saying). Reed also makes funny noises with his tongue and it just cracks me up. I could not get the whole thing on video, but I was able to capture a little bit of Reed copying me! It is so cool to see Reed recognizing sounds and being able to produce the same sounds! Enjoy it :) Oh, the other video is another laughing one. I was above the camera saying, "Boo!" and making funny faces. I just love his laugh!

Friday, September 26, 2008

July 4th and Tyson's Birthday

So, Tyson's birthday is July 5th (he was born at 12:30 am....we think he may have been a fourth of July baby if his mom had not insisted on watching all the fireworks before going to the hospital). But, all growing up, Tyson thought that the fireworks on the fourth of July were really in celebration of his birthday, even though it was the next day! Sweet little Tyson. Such a funny kid. So, for the fourth of July we went to the Provo parade, which apparently is the thing. We saw people camping out almost two days in advance! We just showed up after it had started and got the same seats, go figure. We saw some pretty cool floats and Reed was pretty enamored by the whole thing. Then, we went to Tyson's aunts for the birthday of his cousin's little boy. We brought up our homemade blackberry ice cream (yummy) and stayed for dinner. Then, we drove back down to Provo and sat on the grass across from the MTC to watch the fireworks. Lastly, we went and did our own fireworks - it was a pretty long day! It all ended around midnight and I was exhausted, but still excited for July 5th - Tyson's 25th birthday!!!

We got to give our shout out to the military! The do so much for our freedoms! Thank you :)

Go cougs!!!!!

Tyler's birthday party at Aunt Susie's

The fireworks :)

The group of us that sat together...Tyson's Uncle and Aunt and family, and our family

For Tyson's birthday I wanted to make things really special - so I decided to wrap 25 presents! It was a lot of work, but the look of Tyson's face when he saw those presents on the couch was simply amazing. He could not believe that I had actually wrapped them all. He was just so excited! I loved it! It made me super excited! So, he opened some of his presents and we kind of just played all day! He took pictures with Reed, we made some Thai food, and we even went to the mountains to eat sub sandwiches for dinner! (I really miss those mountains now). Then, we came back and I had made cupcakes and put them in the shape of a 25 - a little tradition that I started last year. Tyson doesn't really like cake (weird, I know), but likes cupcakes. So, cupcakes it was. I love birthdays! It's hard to believe that Tyson is 25 and I am 26! Time sure is going fast, but it's been great.

Tyson trying to copy Reed's face

The beautiful mountains in the West! There are no mountains out here in Virginia :(

Tyson and Reed in the mountains eating sandwiches and pringles (Tyson's favorite)

The 25 presents that Tyson received on his 25th birthday!

The aftermath of opening all the presents!
Tyson wanted these rubber band things, so that he could at least pretend to work out!

The cupcakes in the shape of a 25

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reed's Laugh

So, after a bit of struggling to get the internet and get settled in our new place..... we have the internet! Yipee!!! Tyson and I decided that we are internet snobs. We just can't live without it! We just moved into our apartment in Northern Virginia and thought we would be ok without the internet. But, we did not even have a phone book and had to call relatives in Las Vegas to find out where certain stores were! Crazy! Anyways, I am posting this hilarious video of Reed from July! There is one thing a day that makes him laugh, and this day it just happened to be a bottle of water! Go figure! Anyways, it my favorite video of him....still :) I will write more later, after Reed is asleep, but I thought I should share this video, instead of keep it all to myself! Enjoy!