June 2012

Friday, December 21, 2007

Temple Square Christmas Lights and DT- Q Hall

So, for those not in Provo and up to speed on the exciting news here...they are tearing down Deseret Towers! It definitely was getting old, but it is sad to say good bye to my old freshmen memories :) We had good times there! So, this is Q hall being destroyed. This was December 8th....now, Q hall is completely down and they will probably start on R hall next....so, we will keep you updated on the knocking down of all the buildings :)

So, on December 7th Tyson and I got tickets to see the bell choir in the conference center. It was just random - a girl from work had extra tickets and we ended up getting some! The weather was horrible and it took us over 1 1/2 hours to get there, but we eventually did. We walked in super late to the performance, but we were not alone. About 30 other people walked in at the same time! Everyone had problems getting there :) Anyways, the bell choir was fabulous and there were two organists there that were amazing!!!! Tyson was amazed and we ended up loving the concert! Afterwards, we had our 3rd annual Christmas Lights on Temple Square viewing :) We started when we were dating, then again last year, and this year. This will probably be our last year, so we walked around for a while :) It was snowing and my skirt and shoes were soaked, but it was worth it :) Above are just a few of the pictures from that night! Tyson always loves the big, red tree and I always love standing by the reflecting pond....we thought it was cool that you could see the snow in the last picture! Brrrrr! It was really great :) It took us another 1 1/2 hours to get home to Provo, but ah well. It was a well-spent evening :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Festivities!

For Thanksgiving this year we went down to Las Vegas :) Thursday was filled with eating tons of food - especially the famous fried turkey, cooking - I even helped make some of the pies, hanging out, naps, and of course, the Walker family volleyball tournament. I, however did not participate in playing volleyball this year because I knew the I would get to into it and possibly dive on my tummy or something. So, I got to watch the babies and all the games. It was pretty tough to not play, but I managed. This was not the normal Thanksgiving weekend, however.

First off, Shauntelle and John blessed their little baby, Evyn on Friday morning. My parents, John's parents, Michael & Sarah & kids, Kristy, and Tyson & I were in attendance. She was dressed in the dress that Shauntelle, Kristy, and I were all blessed in. So, it's become somewhat of a famous dress :) She has really filled out since her birth (09/28) and is just so beautiful. Tyson got to participate in the circle and I got to hold the tape recorder! It was pretty sweet :) I also got to see Sarah and Michael's baby, Rachel. I had not seen her since May (right after she was born), so she has grown a ton! On Friday afternoon, we went to "Dan in Real Life" with Tyson's family and then Friday night Kristy went through the temple! Friday was packed! It was all pretty amazing, though :)

On Saturday morning we went shooting with some of Tyson's family. It was a lot of fun! Tyson was looking cool with his ear muff thing and I was sporting the ever-cool bright orange ear plugs! I actually shot a shot gun for the first time in my life! The first time I only hit 1 of 5 clay pigeons, but the second time I hit 3 of 5! So, next time, I think I may even be able to hit 4 of 5! Who knows. Tyson shot really well with the shot gun and we all took turns with the 22, 45, AK-47, shot guns, and a variety of other guns that Tyson's bro-in-law owns :) Overall, it was a very fun morning. So, as we were heading back to town, we realized that the BYU vs. Utah game was on and immediately started listening to the radio. We walked in the door at the beginning of the fourth quarter when BYU was up 9 to 3. Utah went on to score a touchdown and the extra point, which made the score 10- 9 Utah. Tyson's cousins are pretty die hard Utah fans, so they were already thinking the game was won with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter. To their dismay and our enjoyment, BYU ended up scoring a touchdown and went for a two-point conversion and also got that. So, the game was 17-10 BYU with 30 seconds left. But, many of us know that BYU came out victorious! It was a great day for the BYU fans :) Yipee! What a Saturday!

Sunday came all too fast and we actually attended two wards, Tyson's old ward and my old ward. Kristy spoke in the old Silver Springs ward and it was kind of like a farewell for her. She did a great job! It's just weird to think that she is old enough to go on a mission already! She leaves January 9th and will be going to the Taiwan Taichung mission (Jen, Evan Lunt served in that mission as well....oh and he is in my ward now). So, the weekend was definitely packed, but well worth it :)

My belly

Well, a few people have been asking to see pictures of my belly...we have only taken two (slackers, I know), but here they are. The first was taken October 30th, the night before we found out it was going to be a boy! The second was taken on December 3rd for no particular reason! Didn't Tyson do a wonderful job putting on the Christmas lights :) I am getting bigger and it's actually a good thing....weird. Little boy is kicking a ton and one Saturday Tyson and I spent an hour in bed just feeling him kick all over my belly. It's pretty amazing feeling it....I'm excited to the meet the little guy in about 3 months!