June 2012

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Milk Protein

I will be updating with fun pictures and everything by Thursday, but I need some help with something.

I found out yesterday that little Eve is not able to break down something in my milk (I am solely nursing....so that has to be it). They have put me on a NO MILK diet. That includes whey or any form of milk protein. Yes, no ice cream, no sour cream, no cheese, no yogurt, chocolate....and the list goes on.

At first, I felt completely horrible and guilty for not knowing that something was wrong with my baby. But, she was happy, slept fine, and was still growing nicely. But, I did miss one clue that I did not know about - mucus in the stool. I know, it sounds gross, but for all you moms out there, it is a clue that something is not being digested right. I wish I would've known sooner. But, at least I know now. I still feel bad that I did nothing when my little baby was been in pain, but I did not know she was.

Anyways, I am starting not to feel so guilty and now am just feeling a little sad that I am giving up many things that I love. I am a little stumped on dinners. I realized that I use many dairy products in my family meals - even if it is just a little cheese or sour cream. So, I was hoping that I could get some ideas on dinners without milk protein in them. At this point, I can have everything else (although Eve doesn't like broccoli). Any ideas? I am just going to be changing my diet and know that many people out there have already done it. So, any helpful tips would be welcome!

Monday, March 22, 2010

DC Trip and Birthday #1

A couple of days before Eve's baby blessing, Tyson's parents flew into town. We saw some really cool things and even had the first of 3 birthdays for Reed. On Saturday, Tyson's sister, Tifani, also came into town. So, we had a full house in our apartment! It was so much fun to be able to spend time with them! Here is a look at what we did (Sorry, no photos of our game playing. I forgot):

The National Zoo

Reed and Grandma Walker - she brought crackers - Reed LOVED them and therefore, found a friend :)

In front of the frog!

Eve was, of course, sleeping most of the time

Reed loved the meerkats!

This gorilla walked right up to the window...

The other kids were all nervous to go up to the window, but not Reed!

Reed also loved the turtles and tortoises!

Great Falls National Park

The water is super high due to all the snow...

It looked so beautiful!

Reed and Grandpa Walker - Grandpas seem to be Reed's favorite people.

A bit chilly, but still so beautiful.

This stick shows where the water was at during those year.....crazy!

Dulles Air and Space Museum - Udvar-Hazy Center

The whole group...

Eve, doing what she does best....

SR-71.....Transformers 2 anyone?

Reed with Grandpa, of course :)

What?Eve awake?!

Nope, asleep again...

Grandpa kept spinning Reed around these poles. Reed was in heaven!

Not exactly sure what was going on - Reed looked like he was attempting some kind of acrobatic move.

The Space Shuttle - Enterprise (yes, Star Trek fans made sure that is was named Enterprise instead of the original name, Constitution)

3 CPA's and 2 babies :)

The Pentagon Memorial

I love this shot....

Where the plane touched down

A person's name is printed on each bench

Reed just mozying

My dad met us there....2 Grandpas?! Reed was absolutely in heaven.

Daddy and Reed

That night......

Bath time is always a good time....especially when daddy pours water!


Happy boy Reed.....still loves the water.

Ha ha ha ha!

Daddy is being silly!

The water pouring master :)

Aunt Tif and Eve

Reed's Birthday Celebration #1

He got a kite...

and sidewalk chalk - always a must! Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Walker!

Aunt Tifani gave him a shirt, shorts, and some sandals!

Thanks, Aunt Tif!

Eve got a swimming suit, a shirt, and some pants from Aunt Tifani, and it's not even her birthday! Lucky duck!

Eve looking at Reed's presents....

Reed was a bit tired at this point, but we still had a little birthday train for him...2 years old! I can't believe it!

Getting ready to blow it out...

He did a great job blowing out the candles and didn't even try to touch them! That's my buddy :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eve's Baby Blessing

On March 7, 2010 we blessed our sweet little Eve. It was a beautiful blessing and talked a lot about Eve being a light and joy to other people. This has been since she was born and forever before that. She is such a calm and happy baby. When she smiles, she lights up the entire room. She can stare at you with the most intense look and it feels like she can see everything about you. She is truly an amazing person!

Eve was able to be blessed in the dress that I wore for my baby blessing. Actually, all 3 girls in my family have worn it. Shauntelle's girls have all worn it for their blessings and now little Eve. It is a beautiful dress that my mom made. Thanks, mom! Also, we used the last quilt that my great-grandma hand-stitched and a white blanket that Tyson's mom made for Eve. Peggy also contributed a bracelet and shoes. She looked absolutely beautiful. To me it just reflects the beautiful spirit that she has had since forever. I love you, little Eve.

Tyson's parents and oldest sister, Tifani, were able to come out (I will talk about the trip in the next post) from his side. My parents; my brother, Ryan; Ryan's wife, Barbara; my brother, Brandon; Brandon's wife, Kim, and their 7 kids (Tyler, Lanae, Sasha, Coleman, Josh, Alia, and Sawyer) were able to come from my side. It was great to be supported by so many family members! Also, Janet Tanner, her daughter, Melissa, Melissa's husband, and their little boy, Jairus, were able to swing by as well. I call Janet my "Aunt Janet" even though there is no blood relation because she really feels like my Aunt. So, it felt like a family reunion!

As you can guess there are at least 100 pictures from that event. It was really hard to pick and choose, but I did narrow it down a little bit. It is hard when 3 different cameras are taking pictures. Each one gets a new angle and brings out something different. So, there are a ton of pictures of Eve - hope you enjoy it!

Eve looks different in this picture than all the other pictures....so I had to throw it in the mix.

This is my great-gradma's quilt

The bracelet

I know I am not looking at the camera, but it is the only one I got with Eve that wasn't too dark, where I was actually looking up.

So sweet

I love her look......look at those eyes!

My mom made this dress! She is talented!

Wow, what a dress.

I didn't know they took this picture.

Her shoes...

Aunt Tifani

The family...

The whole family that was there (except Ryan and Barb who had to leave early)

Walker side

Grandma and Grandpa Rowberry

Rowberry side

The blessing circle (minus Ryan)

Daddy and Eve