June 2012

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reed's View and Preschool

Reed has recently become quite the photographer. He will ask to use the camera and sometimes, I will let him. The pictures he comes up with are both interesting and perhaps, a bit insightful! Take a glance at the world from Reed's view:

I have no idea when this picture was taken, but he did a pretty great job!

Holding Eve upside down - a favorite pasttime of hers.

The food storage closet is always a fun place.

Eve in eating in her high chair. She does this frequently!
Preschool has been going really well with Reed and his friends. He has really seemed to enjoy himself (what I care about the most at this point) and calls all of the kids his friends. Whenever they see each other, they are excited and always say, "Hi" or "Hi guys!" It is just the cutest! Here is what he has recently learned!

Week 17: Music 

Reed LOVES music! So, on the music day he definitely loved it. They did rhythms, got to make their own wrist bells, listened to Peter and the Wolf, and watched part of Fantasia.

Week 18: Kites

Kites and balloons - always a hit with Reed. Plus, he got green everything and jumped on the trampoline. Best day ever!
Week 19: Dinosaurs 
Reed loved learning about dinosaurs and practicing his roar! They searched for dinosaur bones, read some awesome books, made little masks, and played dinosaur stop and go. He even got to jump in a bouncy house. It was really hard to leave because it was just so much fun!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Horses and Bubbles

For as long as we have lived here, my dad has wanted to take us to see the horses on the military base. It has never seemed to work out, but it finally did! Saturday, February 26th was the day!

We went to my parents house for a monthly brunch that they hold for some of the students. That day only 1 student showed up, so there was plenty of food for all of us :) After we ate and played we got in the car and headed to see the horses.

At first Reed was a bit hesitant and understandably so. Horses are big animals! But, he liked to talk to the horses and after a while, he reached out his hand and touched some of them. In the end, I think he really enjoyed the horses.

Eve cried at first, only because the horse bent down and she wasn't being held by anyone (she was in her stroller). But, as soon as we picked her up, she loved the horses. She even put her hand out to touch a few of them. So, the horses were a hit.

But the best part (I am guessing) came just after when we did bubbles with grandpa and daddy in a big field. It was pretty windy so the bubbles flew everywhere. Reed ran after them and just laughed. Eve got really excited to see all the bubbles! They could have stayed all day, if it wasn't so cold and windy!

Sadly, our time came to an end to quickly. We dropped grandpa off and headed home. It was a great day!

Reed was talking to the horse.
Eve looking at the horse that just scared her while in her stroller.
I barely missed her touching the horse. But, she did it!
Bubbles are a boy's best friend (along with sticks, rocks, trains, cars, etc....).

Grandpa looking at the bubbles up high. Eve finding the bubbles down low.
Reed was a great bubble chaser.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hint of Spring and Recent Fun

February 17th was an excellent day for my kids (and myself). It was finally warm enough to stay outside for more than 10 minutes without freezing our extremities. We went to our little park and stayed for over 2 hours! It was the best morning ever :)

Reed and Eve loves the slides, driving, climbing up the stairs, monkey bars, playing in the wood chips, and using sticks to dig beneath the wood chips and find lots of dirt! It was a bit messy, but completely worth it! Now, I just wish those days were more frequent. We can't wait for warm spring weather!

Eve had a great time!

Reed posed so nicely. I didn't even have to ask him. Maybe he really should be a model :)

Eve showing off her dirty fingernails! Peek-a-boo is a favorite game with this hole.

Digging in the wood chips never gets old.

Reed has been doing very well at potty training. It took a little bit to get him there (#2 in the toilet was a hard thing to do for him), but he got there. It was as if a light went on one day. I am happy to report that he is completely potty-trained and wears big boy underwear through the night as well!

A while ago I made him a dry Pull-ups chart. He got to put a Lightning McQueen or Mater sticker on every night that  he kept his Pull-up dry. Well, he did fantastic! There were a few times when his Pull-up was wet, but it ended up being because he couldn't get it off in time the next morning.

He filled up his chart super fast and was working on a second chart, when I finally bought him special Lightning McQueen underwear to wear at night. He got those on Wednesday and has had 2 successful nights. As a precaution I did buy a mattress cover and put that on.

Go Reed!

Of course, it had to be green :)

Reed loves taking pictures! Every once-in-a-while I will let him snap some pictures with our camera. He takes a lot random pictures of walls, but gets a decent one every so often. This picture turned up on the camera. Nice going, camera man!

I am still impressed that Reed got both of us in the shot.

Reed enjoys finger painting, and I have come to find out that Eve does, too! Here are some pictures of their recent creations.

Reed had to mix all the colors together.

Reed added extra blue in this one because Eve was using blue.

Eve was just happy to be putting her hands in paint and then everywhere else!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We have a W(w)alker!

Not only is Eve a Walker, but she is now walking. I have suspicions that she has actually been able to walk for a few months now and here is why: she is pretty much an excellent walker (I suppose it could be the name...hehehe).

On Friday, February 18th, I decided that it was time for Eve to walk. I put her by one of our bookshelves and sat across the room. I said, "Come here, Eve!" She looked at me and walked all the way to me without stumbling or falling - about 6-7 steps. Later that same day she walked 12 steps and reached her without falling. Saturday and Sunday she was walking all over the place, only falling when she tripped on a rug or something in her way. So, this is really why I think she has been holding back on us - she wanted to be a perfect walker :)

Now she walks from our bedroom at the back of the apartment to the kitchen, around the kitchen (granted it is not very big) and then into the living room. She is also working on picking stuff up (squatting) without falling and then standing up straight to walk again. She almost has that mastered as well!

So, yes, we definitely have a walking Walker!

Funny side note: Reed likes to copy Eve's walk. It does kind of look a bit Frankenstein-esque sometimes because she will put her arms in front of her to gain balance. It makes me laugh!