June 2012

Monday, June 16, 2008

San Diego Part 1

At the beginning of June we took a Walker family vacation to San Diego, CA. It actually was colder than I thought it would be in the mornings, but the weather turned out to be nice! Reed had his first experience swimming in a pool and the verdict is that he loves the water!!! I could have guessed that since he likes bath time so much. He kicked in the water for about 15 minutes straight! It was amazing :) I even laid him on his back and he would get excited and flail his arms and kick his legs super hard. It was just so cute! His cousin, Vance, does NOT share the same love of the water. He just wanted to get out as soon as we got in! Hopefully, he will like the water as he gets older! So, while I was in the pool with Reed, Tyson was scuba diving with his dad, sister, and brother-in-law (I am not certified...so could not go). I am actually not too sad that I missed it because they all ended getting sick and throwing up - a total of 11 times between the four of them! My brother-in-law, Adam, even ended up throwing up while he was scuba diving!!! They say it wasn't the best diving in the world, but definitely the most memorable dive trip they have taken.

Reed's first swimming experience!

Later on that day, we went to beach! So, Reed got his first view of the ocean as well! I can't say that he was too excited...he was actually starving, so we only stayed for a little while. But, in the time we did have on the beach, we managed to get his hat all sandy and he got sand all over him despite the fact that he did not get close to the sand! Go figure!

Reed at the beach for a few minutes -

Vance loved the sand, even though he didn't really like the water :)

It was actually not the warmest day, which is why my coat is on! But, the beach looked beautiful!

In the hotel room, Reed took his naps in the closet and slept under the sink at night!

The next day, we went to Sea World! I don't think I have been there since I was little. It was great to see all the shows again. The Shamu show has really gotten huge....it always was, but they have done a whole lot with the show. The day was filled with seeing all the cool shows and even going on some rides. There was a roller coaster like Splash Mountain sort of. We went on the water part first and then the roller coaster. I am not the hugest fan of roller coasters, but I am willing to go on them. I do have to say that one was pretty fun!

A major part of the Walker family trips is the food! Hence, the pictures with us stuffing our faces! Yummy :) Even Reed is eating (his fingers, that is)!

Look out for part 2 of San Diego tomorrow