June 2012

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Organ Practice, Grandpa Vs. The Stratosphere and Library Easter Time

I have been called (well, it's been months now) to be one of the ward organists. It first started as being called to replace the girl that had just had her 2nd child. She was never released, so there were two of us. Now, a third organist has been called and we switch off playing 1 month out of every 3. Not too shabby. I have always wanted to learn how to play the organ - here is my chance. We'll see how it goes. 

So, during the week, I go and practice the organ a couple times. Well, March 21st Eve, Aria, and I went to the church and I practiced the organ. Eve practiced her picture-taking skills. Aria practiced smiling for the camera. Here is what we came up with that morning:

Aria's smile

A birthday invitation that we never gave to Mary, Evyn, and Isla hand-written by Reed. 

A nice upside down shot of me playing the organ. 

On March 22nd, Grandpa Walker jumped off the Stratosphere. Luckily, he had a harness on and loved every minute of it.. Grandma Walker was not as excited about the jump. In fact, she even requested Tyson's presence at the jump to calm her nerves a bit. Grandpa was jumping to support the Boy Scouts (but really I think he would have jumped anyways - he loves that kind of stuff). The jump was a success! No one died, no one had a heart attack, and there were no broken bones. Good day. :)

On March 26th we went to our story time and had fun learning about bunnies, Easter, and Spring. We even got to make bunny hats. Eve and Aria were happy to show theirs off, but Reed was not so enthused. 

Aria's hat

Eve 's hat and showing off her fancy dress

My girls