June 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kristy & James, plus 1 more present for Aria

The weekend of Aria's birthday we also had a fun visit from Kristy and James! They are in Provo right now where Kristy is finishing up her Master's degree and James is working and recently graduated with his Bachelor's degree. Since school had not started yet, Shauntelle and I invited them down here for a visit. We had a fun times on Saturday and Sunday which I already posted. 

Monday we had a great time swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Walker's house and then we all went to Shauntelle and John's for FHE. Tuesday they head back to Provo because school was about to start and Kristy was heading up some activities. It was a short visit, but really nice. 

It was just nice to be able to spend some time with Kristy and James since we haven't gotten to see them super often. In fact, besides the wedding day, I had never seen James. I did not seem him again until April when we went to Provo for BYU graduation. So, for face-to-face time is always a good thing. :) I am so happy that they made the drive here to see us. That is definitely a perk of living in Las Vegas - I am close in proximity to my sisters. Yeah for girl bonding time! 

The kids loved playing around with them as well - especially jumping on Uncle James and playing Star Wars Wii (well, that was only Reed and James). They loved it!

John and Shauntelle forgot the present they got for Aria on her birthday, so we got it the next day. The girls picked it out because it was a place where Aria could go and hide from other people - especially in new situations. Love those girls! Aria LOVES it!

Aria loves putting the balls in and out and the fact that she can get in and out. She is  wearing Grandma and Grandpa Rowberry's birthday present to her! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aria's Birthday: Day 2/ Happy 6th Anniversary!

August 19, 2012 - Aria's 1st birthday and our 6th Anniversary! I am afraid her birthday will pretty much always trump our anniversary, but we can celebrate our anniversary other days. It was Sunday, so we did normal Sunday things first: got ready for church and then went to church. We came back had lunch and then Aria and Eve went down for their naps. That's when I did the little bit of decorating that ended up happening. Here is what I did:

I just love this! No helium required and the kids get to run back and forth through it until it falls. 

This sign has been recycled many a time :) 

The flowers are for me (thanks, Tys!) and the happy birthday sign was for Aria. This sign, as well, has been recycled again and again. 
After the girls woke up Aria played in the balloons. These are some of my favorite pictures of the day!

Even though you can't see her eyes, you know she is have a blast!

Happy birthday little miss Aria! 
Then, she got to open her presents. The wrapping paper was pretty much her favorite part (until she opened her baby doll).

Opening her puzzle 

Her baby doll

She just stared at the doll for a couple of minutes 

Her presents from us and Grandma and Grandpa Rowberry 

Despite my head being cut off, Aria is looking, so this picture made it. 
Then, we had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Walker's house. It was definitely a full house: Adam & Kimber & boys, our family, Grandma & Grandpa Walker, Tifani, John & Shauntelle & girls, and Kristy & James. We had pork salads/burritos and it was fabulous! For her dessert, I made Aria dairy- and soy-free rice krispie treats and she also had an otter pop. She was pretty much the happiest girl in the world!

She loved her food

She thought the candle was interesting. 

She wondered why everyone was looking at her. 

She needing a little coaching, but she ended up blowing to blow out the candle (she didn't blow quite hard enough, but it was definitely a good effort). 

She loved it!
Then, we opened presents at Grandma and Grandpa Walker's house. She got a stool from Tifani and a camping chair from Grandma and Grandpa.

A stool from Aunt Tifani

She loved that the letters came out. 
After we were done opening presents and chatting, we headed home and went to bed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Aria's Birthday: Day 1

Aria turned 1 on August 19, 2012. I can't believe that I have 3 kids all older than 1! Time really does fly. Since her birthday was on a Sunday, I decided to have a little 'party' for her the day before. We invited our family to Lied's Discovery Children's Museum for another day of fun. We had tons of fun with Grandma and Grandpa Walker, Adam, Kimber, Vance, Carter, Kade, Tifani, Shauntelle, Mary, Evyn, Isla, James, and Kristy! 

We played and played! I never get tired of that place -- so kid/family friendly. Love, love, love it! 

The almost birthday girl asking for something so nicely by signing "please."

Grandma, Reed, and Eve inside the bubble!

Trying to make a bubble. 

There it is. 

Inside this tunnel thing

Aria loved it as well. 

The baby area

Waiting for the little class on colors. 

In front of Tifani's pennies

Still saying cheese

Reed and Isla driving the plane. Grandma and Eve as passengers. 

Shauntelle wafting something to see if it had a smell. 

After leaving the museum, we went to In-n-Out for lunch and then went home for naps. Since Kristy and James were in town, I went to mall to meet up with Shauntelle and Kristy for a sister's day. We walked around, put on the display make-up at Victoria's Secret where Kristy discovered that they do still sell Lovespell (great day for her!), bought some kitchen stuff with Kristy's wedding gift card, and then found a random Mexican restaurant to eat at.

It was really nice to be with my sisters again. It's fun to just be a little girlie and talk about everything. I love my sisters :)

No, we were not drinking that night, but it was the only board that was at the restaurant. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fun in July

The rest of July was filled with lots of fun memories. Here are some snapshots of just a few of them: 

Eve showing off her Cinderella dress. July 24, 2012 

She wears it as often as I let her. 

Aria can climb up on Eve's bed all by herself! She uses the little stool and is just so proud of herself. I can't believe my baby is getting so old! July 24. 2012

I can put pigtails in Aria's hair! July 29, 2012

Plus, she LOVES to eat. 

Running through the hose is a favorite past time of Reed's. July 30, 2012 

He even went through with his clothes on. 

So happy. 

Then, he decided to change into his swimsuit. 

Still just as fun 

Eve mostly lounged on the porch. 

July 31, 2012 was officially the end of the Summer reading program at the library. It was called Blast off to Summer reading. Reed loved being an astronaut. 

Eve was not quite tall enough, but still so excited to be an astronaut. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Miss Fangs and Growing Up

It's hard to believe that kids grow as fast as they do. The first year always boggles my mind. I think they grow the fastest and change the most in that first year. When they are born, the are pretty helpless (other than their ability to cry on their own). By the time they turn 1, they are almost walking, have grown a ton, have tripled in weight (usually), are eating on their own, have a blazing personality, and most definitely have opinions on things. I think the years after that first one only add upon the things that happen in the first year. Just a food for thought. 

Little Miss Aria is growing a ton - well, she is not gaining as much weight as my other 2, but she is still on the right track. I have forgotten to post her recent stats, so here they are:

6-month check-up: 
Weight: 13 lbs, 15 oz. (10%)
Height: 26 in. (60%)
Head Circumference: 16.75 in. (50%)

9-month check-up:
Weight: 15 lbs., 15 oz.  (5%)
Height: 27.25 in. (25%)
Head Circumference: 44 cm.(25-50% - new office in Vegas does it in cm and puts a range- don't know why)

Yes, she is a little thing, there is no denying it. But, she eats more than Reed and Eve and sleeps great! She is hitting all her milestones at the very latest when she is supposed to, usually earlier than is 'normal.' I just have a petite baby. I have come to terms with the fact that she won't be a chunky baby and I love her petite-ness now. She is such a cute little thing! 

One funny thing about Aria's teeth is how they have come in. She got her two bottom, middle teeth first. That was as expected. The next thing I expected was to see her two top, middle teeth come in. Well, I was wrong. Instead the two teeth on either side of the top, middle teeth came in! So, basically it looks like she has fangs (or at least it did for a few months). Yes, I have a vampire baby! I couldn't get a picture for the longest time because she wouldn't smile big enough in pictures, but July 11th I succeeded! Here is cute little Aria on July 11th, showing off her fangs. 

Just being cute

Do you see the fangs?

I zoomed in a little
Another part of my kids growing up is that they can all be in the bath at the same time. This is so much easier for me, but I don't do it until the baby can hold their own in the tub. This can be quite a feat with Reed and Eve trying to take your toys or pour water on you. Well, Aria made and loves bath time with her siblings. I think she is just excited to be a big girl now. She gets to take a bath in a lot more water and more toys. Yahoo!

July 19, 2012 

Another thing that Aria loves is to the play the piano! I am so excited that she already loves to play. Reed and Eve both loved to play at this age as well. Here she is showing off her skills! July 20, 2012

She is already playing with both hands. 

She even turns the page!