June 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween and Nevada Day :)

Today has been a pretty exciting day...it all started with our Halloween party at school. Some of the kids had a bit of a harder time with it, but they were just so cute in their random costumes. I think my favorite was the orange monster who looked like the one on Monsters, Inc. :) I can't get over how cute the kids are!

Above are pictures of our Jack-o-lantern! Inside is we put battery-powered tea-lights that change color! Pretty sweet if you ask me! That is the second bit of exciting news!

Also, it is Nevada's birthday! How exciting for all of us Nevadans :) (such as Tyson and myself)! But, the most exciting news is that we found out the gender of our baby! We did find out that we are having a baby, not a pumpkin, contrary to popular belief :) Anyways, I can't hold it in any longer.....we are going to have a baby boy!!!!! Tyson and I are both overjoyed :) It was so neat to see the little arms, legs, and all his little body parts. The doc said that everything looks good, and he is growing at a healthy rate :) So, we are super excited! As soon as I can get to a scanner, I will try and see if the pictures will scan in, so that we can share our joy even more :) So, those pictures should be coming up soon......I know you are all excited :) We love you all!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Oh, So I made a mistake on the date of the last pictures....they were taken on Friday, October 12th. These nest ones were at the BYU/UNLV game on Saturday the 13th. Tyson's dad got us some amazing seats. The pictures show you how close we were :) It was great because the closer BYU came to the goal line, the more and more we could see the players! We even saw the break dancing Cosmo dance after we made a touchdown! BYU won 24-14.....it was a great game! Go Cougars!

Evyn Mari Rowberry Pallett

Mary, Evyn's older sister who is 2 1/2, calles her by her full name and it's just sooo cute. We went over there and Mary showed me the paper where she was writing Evyn's full name. It was all scribbles, but adorable :) She's already a good big sister. Oh, and Tyson got to change his very first diaper this smae day (I think it was last Saturday, the 14th)...so we're prepping him for the whole baby thing :)

Babies :)

No, these are not my babies, but sometimes I wish they were. The little boy (first two pictures) is Vance - our cute little nephew. He's Tyson's sister's baby. He has the cutest smile and then you pull out the camera and he goes completely straight-faced. He's so funny :) So, I got the best smile I could. :) The slightly :) smaller baby in the third picture is our new niece Evyn, Shauntelle's (my sister) new two-week old. She has super big eyes and loves to see what is going on. She's super calm at this point and just so small. I think I want a girl now, but boys are super cute, too :) I am torn :)

Muscles :)

So, there is this cute, cute, cute kid at my school. He is always talking about how he is strong and had big muscles, so I took a picture of him showing me his muscles :) It was seriously so cute....If I have kids as cute as him, I'll be so lucky :)

Temple/Birthday/Game Fun!

These next few pictures were taken September 22....Tyson's mom's birthday :) His cousin Garrett went through the Mount Timp Temple and then we had a birthday celebration for his mom in the Cafe Rio parking lot! What fun :) Oh, we also went to the football that day and got super soaked, but had fun :) No pictures of that.....rain and our new camera do not mix :( Later on that night we hit the women's volleyball game. Sadly, they ended up losing in the 5th game....so, we were all depressed....well, not really. But, it was pretty upsetting. At least we won the football game :)

More updates :) Yes, I'm back!

Ok, so I admit...I have been horrible at doing this blog thing. I promise that I will do better :) Due to some recent request, I am posting some more pictures and updating you all about our life. Well, our old camera was lost, so Tyson and I bought a new one in September...it's pretty sweet. Sony is a great brand :)

These first pictures are at a BYU Women's soccer game with our friends Ben and Kelly Johnson.....super cute newlyweds :) Oh, we won 1-0 :) yahoo! Oh, yeah, and a group of little girls came and all danced with cosmo - hence the random cosmo picture :)