June 2012

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Footage

Ugh - so I have been trying to upload fun videos of my kids, but my favorite one was 'uploading' for hours - literally. So, I gave up on that one and uploaded two other fun Eve ones! Hope you enjoy!

First, Eve loves to laugh! I missed getting her best laughs on camera, but they were hilarious! Reed was even laughing hysterically! But, even though we missed the best ones, here is Eve playing "Boo" with her daddy.

June 6, 2010

Second, here is one Eve's favorite past times - jumping in her jumperoo! She just loves to spin herself around and bounce up and down. She also loves chewing on the bug.

June 15, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cabin John Park

June 11th was a good day for us! We went to this fabulous park called Cabin John Park with some of our play group. Each time I go to a new park I am amazed at how many things there are to do here! It seems that the possibilities are endless and not too far away. Anyways.....

One of the coolest things is that they have a train that goes on a 15-minute ride around the park. I think it's one of the best little kids trains I have ever been on! It is $1.75 to ride the train and children 2 and under are free. So basically, I paid $1.75 for all 3 of us. That sure beats the train at the mall that costs $3 per rider!

Reed was really scared at the beginning, and I completely blame myself. When we were at the mall a few days prior he wanted to ride the train. I told him he could go if he rode by himself (the train does 2 little circles and I can see him the whole time). He said yes at first, but back out at the end. So, when we were going on this train, I think he thought I was going to make him ride it by himself. He was pretty upset, but we got on it anyways. As soon as it started and I was still sitting next to him, Reed had a great time! We went through all the trees and passed by the park (which is huge, by the way) and just had a grand time.

Then, we played at the playground. They are so many little playgrounds at this park. I loved it! It's like one of my other favorite parks, Clemyjontri, but this one is better because it is shaded by lots of trees. Reed loved the swings, all the pay houses, climbing up and down, and going down the slides. He could have stayed all day long. Unfortunately, we had to leave and Reed was distraught, but eventually said bye bye to the park. I guess that is a good thing - it means he really liked it. We will definitely be going there again!

Eve was great the whole time. She really seemed to love the trees and all the kids running back and forth. She is such a social baby. She likes to be in the middle of the action (unless she is too tired) and see what is going on around her. Sounds like me, right?! I think so.

We got in the car and the kids just fell asleep. It was nap time and they had been playing hard all morning. I decided to stay in the car and go all the way downtown. Tyson had Impact Day for work and was in D.C. moving headstones at the Congressional Cemetery. He actually had a lot of fun and got off at 2 p.m.! I can't complain.

I picked him up and then we went to the Museum of Natural History, meeting up with Tyson's Aunt Susie and family. They were in town on a senior trip for their youngest daughter. I always have a good time with them. They are just funny people! We walked around for a while, just chatting and catching up. We ended up going to dinner that night and even seeing them the next day!

On Saturday, we took them to Great Falls National Park, my favorite spot to take visitors. Reed was a great guide and led us to the waterfall. We looked at the waterfall from a bunch of different angles and also enjoyed watching the crazy people in kayaks go down the waterfall! Reed loved the dirt, birds, and finding his way around all the people. All-in-all a great weekend :)

The train

Reed wondering if I am actually going to sit with him

The play group

Some of our friends :)

My cute kids and me

Swings are ALWAYS a fun thing for Reed

This was one of my favorites

Reed enjoyed the slide

Beautiful Eve

Just chillin'

Reed could have played in this house all day long


There's a smile

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Apples and Backs

Recently, Reed has loved getting his own apples out of the fridge. He can open the door himself (I know, a bit scary, but he does a good job of closing it and only taking out things he can eat) and open the fruit drawer himself. He will usually come to me and ask me to take the sticker off. Then, we both chomp the apple until it is gone. Well, a few times, he has gotten an apple without my knowledge. I don't think he has eat any stickers, but I do find apples randomly strewn across the apartment. I think he likes tasting all the apples or something. He takes some bites, gets bored, and is done unless I eat it with him. So, I call him my apple taster. It sounds better than apple thief.

Just some of the fun apples I find lying around my apartment.

The words about babies sleep is that "Back is best." It is a bit confusing since my mom grew up with the "Tummy is best" philosophy from the doctors. I am betting that in 15 years or so, they are going to come out with some new research and change their minds again, this time saying that "Side is best" or something like that. While I guess I am in agreement that back is best for infants, you can't always keep your rolling babies on their backs. The minute Eve starting rolling over, she slept on her tummy. I still always put her down on her back, but she rolls within the first 5 seconds after I put her down to sleep. Also, even before she could fully roll, she usually slept on her side. I am positive that she slept like that in the womb. Babies will sleep however they want, once they are mobile. This is something I keep discovering with Reed and Eve.

I know it's dark, but this is Eve sleeping not only on her tummy, but with her face buried in her mattress. Normally, she turns her head to the side, but apparently, this was more comfortable that day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food and such

Well, I officially started Eve on solid food June 4th. She tried a little of Earth's Best Organic baby rice cereal. Before Eve, I thought all rice cereals were the same. Turns out, I was completely mistaken. Some of them have what seems like millions of ingredients, some have stuff like soy in them, and some are white rice instead of brown. Also, when you mix the cereals up some of them turn into paste instead of a soupy oatmeal-like cereal. After talking to the nurse who specializes in GI she suggested Earth's Best for baby cereals. So, I bought that one. It is brown rice, iron-fortified (like all the others) and only has 3 ingredients: brown rice, vitamin E, and iron.

Eve seemed to do pretty well with it. It still is a bit confusing for her because her tongue just keeps getting in the way :) She has a really great time while eating, which is always fun. She makes Reed laugh so hard that he starts turning red, which, in turn, makes me laugh. So, meal times are always fun with Eve. So far, no reactions to her rice cereal. Phew!

She has also tried pears and had no reaction to them. Her first bite (of any food) is always with this crazy "What is this stuff?" look on her face. But, by the second bite, she seems to like it. So, pears are a like! Yahoo!

Today she tried sweet potatoes. She seemed to like them. I guess we will find out if she has any adverse reaction to them. But, she had just as good of time with them as with pears and the rice cereal. So, we are on our way to real food! Hopefully, all goes well.

She is pretty much this happy every time she eats :)

I tried to get the picture of her waving her arms in excitement, but it didn't quite work.

I just love that chubby-cheek smile with the disappearing eyes!

The other day, it was just too hot and humid to try and do anything outside (Let me clarify - humid heat is WAY WORSE than dry heat. It was 90+ degrees, but with high humidity, which means it felt like it was around 110 degrees with the mugginess of humidity. Yuck!). There were also 1 million bugs (I counted....1 million....really) outside, and I just could not handle it. So, we filled our day up with inside activities. Here are just some of things we did to have fun around our little apartment:

Bouncy things! Eve enjoyed her bouncy chair every so often. She loves pulling on the bird to make the song play. Not pictured: Eve in her jumperoo. She could stay in that thing for hours! She loves to bounce and loves all the things that are on her jumperoo. She can turn around in a circle and find new things every time she turns. It's awesome how happy she is!

Bath time! Reed (usually) loves bath time. He just enjoys the water and his fun toys (although most of them are cups and such).

Painting! Reed loves to pain with the water colors. He usually ends up picking the same color over and over for a while. When he gets tired of that one he choose another color. Then, he paints with that one over and over. He really loves to paint circles!

Floor time! Eve loves to roll around on the floor. We put little toys out for her and she loves to get them and chew on them. Reed made sure that I took this picture. I was actually trying to get more of him painting, but he said, "No, mama. Picture baby." "Ok then." I got this cute one :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

National Aquarium

On Memorial Day (May 31st) we decided to take a little trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. We figured that it was just as good of a day as any other day that Tyson has off work. So, we packed some lunches, got the directions, waited for Grandpa Rowberry and then headed off to the harbor. It ended up being pretty awesome!

The drive was about an hour long, but seemed to go by quickly because we were playing with my parents' new GPS. It was pretty sweet and accurate within a couple hundred feet. So, it was a good time! It even showed us the various gas stations, restaurants, etc. along our route! I was thoroughly impressed. Maybe someday we will get one.

After purchasing our tickets (no, sadly it's not a Smithsonian museum and is NOT free) we had to wait around for a bit since our tickets were timed-entry tickets (as they all are, apparently). We walked around the harbor and looked at the various boats and ships and submarines that were docked. Many of them were used in at least one of the wars and were now just for tours. Reed really wanted to run on to the boats, but (being the mean parents that we are) we didn't want to pay for him just to run on a boat. So, we looked, took pictures and found other things to do........like feed birds and ducks!

Reed has a slight obsession with birds. He tries to catch them all the time! There is, however, a minor flaw in how he tries to catch them. He yells, "Hello! Birdie!" For some reason, they always seem to fly away. Go figure :) Well, there were various pigeons walking around (I call them rats with wings....that's how much I like them) and Reed was instantly hooked. He followed them around and then Grandpa tore up some parts of our rolls fed the mangy things. Reed LOVED it. Finally, the pigeons flew away. Luckily, there were a pair of ducks swimming in the harbor. Naturally, Grandpa fed the ducks with the rolls as well. Reed LOVED this even more (if that's possible). Reed would throw the roll pieces in and just giggle when the ducks ate them. It was a good time.

Before we knew it, it was time to go into the aquarium. It was actually awesome! Reed loved the entrance because they had a waterfall. I think he would have been content to stay there the entire day, but we decided to press on to the actual aquarium. We did lots of fun things:

* saw a bird (I already forgot the type)
* watched these bubbles (Reed's favorite thing)
* saw all sorts of sting ray in a giant pool
* saw sharks (the tank was HUGE)
* saw various fish from all over the earth
* saw a dolphin show
* saw jelly fish and read about how they are taking over the sea
* played with the softest sand I have ever touched
* got to see a Rain forest habitat
* saw alligators
* saw lots of turtles
* maybe more that I am forgetting

Needless to say, the day was full of fun and interesting discoveries! Reed was super interested in everything! I love how curious he is. During the dolphin show he just sat there with the widest eyes as if he was just soaking it all in to his memory. He also really loved the jelly fish (random, I know). As we were leaving we had to take another moment to stare at the bubbles. Reed was hesitant to leave.

Eve was such a good little baby throughout the entire day! We couldn't use our stroller, so she was in a backpack for lots of hours (not the comfiest place to be), but she was just content. I really lucked out with this baby. She is spoiling me during the day :)

Before we knew it, it was time to get in the car and make the trek back to god 'ol Northern VA. We didn't hit any traffic again (it was a miracle) and made great time! We came home exhausted, but happy :)

A submarine.... the teeth were pretty ferocious

I think this was called The Cheasapeake

One of many pigeons


The entrance waterfall

Grandpa Rowberry and Reed...Reed's hair looked so much lighter in the sun! It was shocking!

Don't mind the red thing on my lip - I was getting over a cold sore (and I have the bad habit of sort of picking at them)

That's a huge sting ray (I know, it's too dark)

One of many birds or "birdies"

Content Eve

Another waterfall

Photo gone right :)

Watching some turtles

Seriously the softest sand I have ever felt

Jelly fish...yuck

The bubbles...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Animals and a Beautiful Temple

I am almost done with my May posts! May was such a busy month, but definitely a lot of fun :)

Reed LOVES going to the zoo. He just loves looking at all the animals and running around outside. So, when I told him that we were going to the zoo for our playgroup he was ecstatic! It is the only thing he wanted to talk about for the 3 days prior to actually going. My fault for telling him that far in advance. But, it was adorable to see how excited he was.

We went to a few new areas that I have never visited. We saw the kid's farm area filled with cows, alpaca, rabbits, birds, and I am sure some other fun animals. Reed loved the waterfall (no surprise there) and even enjoyed watching the turtles that were swimming in the little pond right by the waterfall. We saw the lions and tigers (but not the bears, oh my) which was intriguing to Reed. I think it was intriguing mostly because we had to lift him up to see them. We also saw the lemurs (always reminds me of the movie Madagascar) hanging from a tree and even got to run through the misters! Yahoo for summer time!

Eve was a good sport throughout the whole thing despite me forgetting her pacifier! Have I mentioned it was SUPER hot and humid?! Yeah, she even survived and was still happy! Can't complain about my cute little (well, not so little anymore) baby. She was mistaken for a boy a few times because I dressed her in a neutral outfit that had a little bit of blue on it. Ah well....she still looked cute! She had to wear it because it had little zoo animals on it!

After we left the zoo is all Reed could talk about still! He just loves the animals. I am so glad that we live in a place where the zoo is free! I guess you do have to pay for parking, but we have a season pass (thanks, dad) that allows us to park for free. So, we will be making many more zoo trips!

The waterfall...Reed could have stayed there all day

The Lemur hanging out in his tree

Lazy tiger

Pensive lion

I think Reed might have been pondering on how to get over the wall and get closer to the lion

Happy Eve

Even though I had not gotten the all clear from the doctor about the soy thing, I gave Eve some rice cereal ne time on May 27th. I know, I know, I am a bad mom. It was only a teaspoon and she did great!!!! She did quite get the tongue movement and the texture was a little weird at first, but she swallowed more than not. I chalk that up to success! Way to go Eve!

On May 29th, we decided that it was time for a little family visit to the temple. Reed has seen lots of pictures of temples and we have talked about the temple. He has even been to visit the temple, but I don't think he remembered that he had been there. So, we went. It was a beautiful day and the temple was even more beautiful. It was wonderful to be able to walk around the grounds and feel of the spirit there. I am missing the temple quite a bit. I haven't been able to go since Eve was born. The timing of feedings and naps, etc. just has not worked out for when we can get my parents to come over. I may just end up going by myself, just so that I can go again. So, visiting the outside was awesome for me! It really is an amazing place with an amazing spirit!

"I Love to See the Temple" is now one of Reed's favorite songs! It's one of mine as well :)

Reed's point of view

Daddy and Eve

Reed was a good stroller pusher (funny thing about that sucker is that it mostly stayed in his hand and not in his mouth)

Happy Eve

Happy Reed

He stuck it in his mouth? It was a shocker because he was just holding it for a really long time.

Family photos....but, he missed the whole temple, so let's try again.

Perfect! My Eternal Family!!!