June 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Walker Family :)


So, Tyson and I have finally decided to join tons of married friends (and some single ones as well) in creating a blog. I am not too good at this kind of stuff, but I'll give it a whirl :) Anyways, later I will give the Tyson and Janae history, but for now, just the recent updates.

We are in Washington, DC for the summer where Tyson is doing an internship with Deloitte & Touche. I am working on and off for the Best Friends Foundation. It is basically a program that advocates abstinence until marriage, no smoking, drinking, or illegal drug use. I will also be doing some nannying, but mostly (for right now anyways) I am looking after the house that Tyson, my brother Ryan, and I are housesitting this summer. It is an absolute amazing house in a part of DC called the Palisades. I will definitely take some pictures and post it on the blog :) Seriously, it is beautiful! Anyways, that is about all to report at this moment. I miss everyone and am so excited to start using this thing and keep in touch with people :)

We love you!
Tyson and Janae Walker