June 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rain, Cookies, Sisters, Photographer, and Being Like Daddy

The end of August was full of exciting things, some which seem normal, but are exciting nonetheless. August 22nd we got rain in Las Vegas! It was instantly flooded (as is custom in Las Vegas)  and just so much fun! The kids ran around in pjs, then got cold. So, they put their coats on and ran around some more. All-in-all a good time had by the whole clan. :) 

I wish I had a better camera to show how much rain was falling at once. 

Eve did not have to be persuaded to play in the rain. 

Neither did Aria. 

They even pulled Aria around in the wagon for a little bit. 

Eve showing off her coat. 

The model named Reed. 

Happy days can be found in the rain. 

August 23rd was an eventful one for Aria because she got an Oreo (well, not the brand name - the Sprouts brand without hydrogenated oils) cookie after dinner and loved every minute of it! 

Later that night she had equally as much fun in the bath with Eve. Eve had just as much fun as Aria. 

August 26th I had a YW leaders meeting (I am the Beehive advisor). I gave Reed the camera and here are a few of my favorites (Just goes to show what he is really interested in):

His Anakin ship-thing

Stacked chairs and the picture of Christ, but I think he was more focusing on Christ




I just love how good he is getting all on his own. He is such a talented little guy. 

Later on that night, it was movie and popcorn with Daddy. I believe we were watching part of the Blue Planet series. If I had to make a guess, it would be the Pole to pole/Deep Ocean disc. The kids love that one! 

I love finding the exciting in the normal things! It makes life happier. :)