June 2012

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's a......

On August 17th we went to the doctor to do the 20-week ultrasound! Yes, I know I am a week late in posting, but we left for New York the next morning and things have been crazy around here! So, everyone I talked to thought we were having another boy. I always thought it would be fun to have two of the same gender in a row - so, in my case, two boys in a row. Tyson thought it was actually going to be a girl since he was thinking another boy would be nice. So the verdict is......... (dramatic pause)..........................................................................

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

The ultrasound was pretty clear about that one! I am both excited and nervous to have a girl. I am just getting the boy thing down, now I will have a girl! But, it will be awesome!

If you have any good girl names, please pass them on to us. Tyson and I are having a hard time deciding on girl names we both like. So, we are looking at all options! Yeah for girls! Now, I get to dress her in all the cute girl clothes - Yahoo!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fruit leather

So, I have had a few people comment on the blog and few more people tell me in person that they wanted the recipe for fruit leather. Really, it's SUPER easy. Here it is!

1. Pick the fruit you want to use and chop it up
2. Put it in the blender to make it into a puree....you can make it chunky if you would like
3. Add sugar/sweetener to taste
4. Get out a pan - I have found that one pound of strawberries fits into a 9x13 cookie pan- and put wax paper on the bottom. Cut off enough wax paper to have some over the edges (it makes it easier to get the fruit leather off).
5. Put outside in the sun all day (if it is humid, it will probably need two days)
6. Bring inside and enjoy!!!!

Really, that is all I did. We have tried strawberry and peach so far, both being delicious! Experiment! Oh, the oven DOES NOT really work. It just makes it really hard to get off the wax paper and the pan gets all sticky. So, check the weather and wait for the sunshine :) Hope you enjoy the result!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Singin' in the Rain

The end of July was quite packed with all sorts of fun!

* Reed became an official customer in training! Recently, at our local Giant grocery store, I noticed these mini-sized green grocery carts. On the top it said customer in training and I thought, "That is too cute!" I thought maybe you had to purchase it or something. Turns out you don't! So, the next time we were there, we only needed 3 things. I thought I would give Reed the chance to be a customer in training since I didn't need a cart that day. He did a fabulous job strolling the cart throughout the store! He even put the food in as I handed it to him and then strolled again. I couldn't help but notice all the fun comments about how cute he was, of course. When we got up to the self-checkout lane, Reed handed me the food so I could scan it! I put it in the bag and placed it back in his cart. We strolled all the way outside and put our cart away! I would say that was a very productive customer in training! I wish more stores had things like that!

* I tried to make strawberry fruit leather on a day where it was not forecast to rain. It sprinkled once, then the sun came out, then it poured rain for the next hour! Needless to say, my fruit leather (that was sitting on top of our mailbox) was too water-logged to save by the time I got to it!
* I tried again, maybe a week later, to make strawberry fruit leather. It was a success! Reed would have eaten the whole pan had I let him :) Tyson almost did eat half of the pan!

* Reed has almost mastered ride-on-daddy-like-a-horsey...seriously the cutest thing!

* Reed's bottom left molar finally poked through the skin. Only another month until it is all in!

* I do not believe I officially showed Reed's Independence Day tie made by Grandma Walker. It has been a big hit throughout July! Thank you!

* Reed discovered (again) that he loves oven mitts, especially the blue orca one we own!

* One button off the back of my favorite pair of shorts got ripped apart on the playground by our apartment. I was sliding across the holey part (see picture below) and my button got stuck, then ripped off. I went searching for the button since I was hoping to sew it back on, but alas, it had broken into about 6 different pieces. So, it is there, on the playground, a casualty of sliding too rough.

Reed didn't seem to mind that my button had just been ripped off!

* Reed and I were going to play kickball with some friends. We got all ready, with the appropriate clothing, had our water, got some snacks, and even had on bug spray! We went outside to find it pouring rain :( No kickball that day. However.....
* Reed discovered again that he LOVES playing in the rain - mostly splashing in the puddles. We spent the next 20 minutes or so just laughing, splashing around, SINGING (I just had to because I have seen the movie so many times), and enjoying the rain.

* We went to a BBQ with some people from Tyson's work. The host and hostess made ribs, fish, these amazing potato wedges, and a fresh salad. Amazing!
* Tyson and I went to 2 Wolf Trap performances by the National Symphonic Orchestra- we had lawn tickets! We saw the music of John Williams which was AMAZING! The only problem was it was raining throughout the first-half of the performance! Reminder: We were on the lawn! Everyone had their umbrellas up, we were sitting on tarps, had on ponchos, and were trying not to move and get even more wet. But, it was totally worth it! The guy wrote some amazing music (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Close Encounters, Jaws, Harry Potter, just to name a few)! Our other performance was Blue Planet that was on the Discovery Channel. The orchestra played the background music while we watched the show on a giant screen. Luckily, NO RAIN! I enjoyed this show as well.....but am no longer a fan of killer whales. They are just mean! We also got to see a blue whale....wow, those animals are GIGANTIC! Definitely worth it :)

Reed playing in the rain! Ah, puddles are great!