June 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Final Weeks

Our final weeks in Virginia/D.C. seem like a million years ago and, yet, I still remember them like they were yesterday. Tyson and I wanted to visit some of our favorite D.C. spots before moving. We started with the American History Museum - definitely a favorite of ours. We love all the history, especially being able to see the flag. Another favorite part of that museum is definitely the transportation section where we can see some really cool trains, buses, and cars.

At the time, it seemed almost unreal that these things would not be around for us to visit in just a few weeks. But, luckily, we knew we would regret not coming to see them, so we did. I am so glad we got to see some things one last time. We haven't done much of that since Aria was born. It was a blast!

March 10, 2012
You can't photograph the actual flag, so this is the entrance to see it . 

The American History Museum 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sense of Sight and Wrap-up

 Our last 2 days of the 5 senses were awesome! Here's what we did:

March 5, 2012 - Today we learned about our sense of sight. We talked about our eyes, the different things we might see, and read a Magic School Bus book about the senses. We played lots of games. and made some really cool stuff.

For our game I put a lot of different objects on a tray. The kids had to hide their eyes while I took something away. Then, they had to tell me which object was missing. They got it right every time! Smart kiddos!

We also got out magnifying glasses (I forgot to take a picture because we were just having that much fun) and looked at a bunch of different objects (crayons, orange peels, coins, plastic bugs) I had one big magnifying glass and then gave the kids their own. It was a hit!

We also glued googly eyes on our paper to remind us that our eyes help us to see.

Another fun craft we did was to make a pair of glasses using pipe cleaners. Whew! What a busy and fun preschool day!

March 7, 2012 - Wrap-up to the 5 senses was another fun-filled preschool day. We made the letter X out of sticks and velcro. I still think that is an awesome idea. Now, if I could find sticks that are curvy, that would be amazing! Then, I could make all the letters!

We did a few fun activities to quickly go over sense of smell and sense of taste (they were more fully covered at someone else's house). I had a bunch of different things in cups for the kids to smell. They each smelled it and guessed what it was. I put pineapple juice, ketchup, mustard, apple cider vinegar, and apple juice. They got almost all of them right!

For our sense of taste, we had a bunch of different things to taste: fruit snacks, sugar, salt, honey, and others.  They had to tell us what it was and if they liked it. Another hit! This is why the 5 senses are awesome - everything is a hit!

We also made little packets to put our papers in. The kids got to color each of the pictures representing the 5 senses and glue them on the front. Inside went each page we had done for the 5 different senses.

I think it turned out amazing! Another week of preschool done - it was awesome, fun, and tiring. :)

The cover 

This is for sense of taste

This is for sense of smell. We sprayed perfume on it when they were finished coloring and gluing! 

Being Cute and Having Fun

 March 2, 2012 - Nothing out-of-the ordinary happened. My girls were just being cute and funny. I love that! Aria is really getting a personality! She is just a fun little baby and really wants to move! Uh-oh for me. She is already on the move.

Eve loves sitting in the boxes that we get when our fruit and veggies are delivered. For some reason, this box must have been extra tasty because I found her biting it. Funny Eve :)

March 4, 2012 - Grandma and Grandpa Rowberry got to come over and play games! It is always the best when grandma and grandpa come to play!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sense of Touch

 February 29, 2012 - Our preschool lesson was about the sense of touch. I started off with some baggies filled with shaving cream. In hindsight, I should have done paint, I just didn't want to pay that much. Ah well. The kids used their fingers to make circles and whatever else they wanted to make.

We were still going over the letter W, so we made some out of sticks and velcro. We took them apart and put them together and it was a lot of fun!

We also felt rice and beans. We talked about what it felt like and the kids LOVED playing with it during free time. Rice and Beans = Always a good sensory activity :)

We even traced our hands to learn how we can touch things.

I also put various objects in socks. I had the kids feel it and guess what was inside. Then, we pulled it out to see if they were right. For the most part, they got them right!

We also played and played and played!

Then, we made our touch turtles. I had a baggie filled with lots of different objects: cotton ball, tulle, rubber band, sand paper, felt leaf, puff balls, velcro, and bendable wire. They glued on the ones they wanted.

Next we had free time and this is what they did:

Another great day of preschool!

Glasses and Sense of Hearing

February 23, 2012 - Another great day at our little park in Virginia. It was pretty bright, so Reed and Eve wanted to sport their sunglasses. Reed was especially excited because he got new sunglasses! All-in-all a successful day.

February 27, 2012 - I taught preschool on the sense of hearing. Can I just say how much I love teaching about the 5 senses? I think it's one of my all-time favorite things to teach. There are so many things to talk about and experiment with. The kids always have a great time - especially at this age because they are just so curious about everything! Well, we started off just playing. They all had a blast!

Then, we talked about the letter W and decided to make one with our bodies. :)

Our shape was a circle and we tried that with our bodies as well. It did not work quite as well as the W, but it was still fun.

We experimented with different instruments, rhythms, and also played a game where they guessed what something was by what it sounded like.

We made banjos out of paper plates, rubber bands, and stirring sticks (the ones you use for paint). The kids loved decorating everything and playing their banjos after it was all done. Great day!

Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm back!

Well, after a little hiatus, I am back to the blogging world. I will definitely be updating about our latest happenings, mostly for myself. It's nice to be able to look back and know when things happened. Hopefully, other people out there enjoy seeing my life through pictures and a few words. In case you are just tuning in, we made the trek across the country (well, I flew with the kids and Tyson drove) and are now living in Las Vegas, NV! Yet another adventure has begun for the Walker family. Lots of stories to tell and life has been super busy, but great! So, I am going to get started on my updates! Welcome back, blog - it's been too long. :)