June 2012

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

San Diego Part 2

So, I am really sorry that I didn't update the blog the next day like I said I would. I do have a good excuse, though :) As some of you know my husband, Tyson, has carried around my Dell lap top in his backpack for the past two years. Well, he didn't have it in a little computer pouch or anything, so the screen started acting all funny over the past few months. Then, not too long ago, the computer decided that the screen was not going to work. How rude!!!! Thus, Tyson had to take his HP computer to school and study for the CPA exams. Thus, I was left without a computer and could not update the blog!!!! So, I know you have been waiting on bated breath for more pictures of San Diego...here they are and then I will do a blog just about adorable little Reed :)

So, I decided to go on the Sea World version of the tea cups with my father-in-law and brother-in-law....yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. They tried to get the cup to twirl as fast as they could. I just ended up hanging on for dear life! Now I can officially say that I have done and never have to do it again!

This was post-Sea World. Yeah, I didn't wear sunscreen on my legs and this is what happens. Poor little Reed got a small sunburn on his arms!

This is the difference between Vance's and Reed's reactiongs to the water. Notice, Reed in the background blowing bubbles and just relaxing. Vance, not so content in the water :)

On Wednesday of the trip, we went to the USS Midway....it was pretty sweet! I had never been on an aircraft carrier before that day! This is the BRIG!!!!! We were so sad that we had gotten thrown in jail! Good thing they released us - phew!

This is all of us (except for Dave who is taking the picture) at the USS Midway...I just noticed that I have my legged popped, like I am officially posing or something :) Just thought you should know! Other exciting news from the trip is that my sister-in-law, Kimber, is pregnant! Yipee...another little baby :)