June 2012

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Halloween Fun

The Monday before Halloween (October 29th), we all went to Grandma Walker's home for a Halloween FHE. We had a pumpkin-shaped pizza for dinner and then we carved pumpkins. They got each of the kids their own pumpkin to carve. Then we carved our pumpkins - taking out the seeds and gunk (and saving the seeds to bake! yummy!). My kids did pretty good and not being grossed out at the slimy bits of pumpkin (such a proud mommy). 

After everyone was done, we lined up the pumpkins and took pictures. Obviously (as shown below), my camera does not take stellar night pictures, but it looked awesome!! Happy Halloween! 

On Halloween (aka Nevada Day), the kids and I went to do some trick-or-treating at "The District." I seriously underestimated how many people were going to be there. It was just me with the 3 little ones. I almost turned around, but thought, let's do this - I drove all the way here, I mine as well stick it out.

The kids loved it! It was nice that we didn't have to go out in the street or even knock on any doors. Each store had a person with a basket of candy all ready to go. They all did a good job saying "trick-or-treat" and saying "thank you." They just loved how many treats they were getting. I had told earlier that they could eat as much candy as they wanted on Halloween, but after that, I would get to decide when they got the treats. They took me pretty seriously and ate a bunch of treats.

When we had gone around "The District" we headed back to the car and to our ward trunk-or-treat. They had some dinner there and some games. The kids were pretty sugared out (thank goodness) and the food must have tasted delicious because they ate it super fast. They were pretty tired by then, so we went stopped by 1 house since it was Aunt Krystal's house, then went home.

The best part about this Halloween was that I made one of the costumes (with help from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Kimber). Eve wanted to be Rapunzel. I went and looked at the dresses available and either I didn't lioke them, or they were $50! I decided to look on Pinterest  and see if someone had a pattern. Well, I found one (not a complete pattern, but at least directions) and I decided to do it. It was a bit harder that I thought, but not as hard once I decided that it was ok if it was not 100% perfect.

While the menfolk were away hunting pheasants, we made Halloween costumes at Grandma Walker's house. It was a busy week, but it got done and looks awesome! Thanks to Jana, Eve had a Rapunzel wig to wear as well. She was the talk of Halloween. Next year (before October), I want to try making more costumes. As long as I give myself enough time, it should be lots of fun! Reed's and Aria's costumes were definitely not made by me, but still super cute - a shark and a bumble bee! Here was just some of our Halloween 2012:

The cuteness called my kids!

I love how she picked up dress to run to a store. Such a little lady!

Aria stopping to find a sucker.

Reed stopping for a  pose. :) Not the most ferocious-looking shark, but definitely a cut one! 

Waiting in line

The stickiest bee ever!

Reed got too hot for his shark head - yeah, too hot on October 31st! Love the warmth of Vegas. 

The cutest Rapunzel ever!

Monday, January 21, 2013

October Fun

October was full of house stuff. We found out we got the house that we are currently living in in September and the paper process began. I have never skimmed and read so many papers that were not a published book. But, we did get all the t's crossed and i's dotted. Needless to say, I didn't take as many pictures as I should have. But, at least I took some. Here are some of the October happenings: 

October 8th: You know it's a good time when all 3 kids are sword fighting and no one is crying! (Oh - and don't mind the short-less Eve. Yep, shorts in October - gotta love the Vegas weather). 

 October 13th: We went to the South stake's annual fair with Grandma and Grandpa Walker. We ran in to a bunch of random people that we knew from high school, which is always fun. They had a bunch of games set up for the kids and then had prizes that they could claim with the tickets from each game. There was a also a display of crafts made by members of the stake. Some of Grandma;s famous ties were displayed. The kids had a blast are I am already excited to be going back next year as an actual member of the South stake.

The horse game - you roll the dice and whatever # comes up is the person who gets to move one space. Genius game for little kids. 

Eve ended up winning the whole game!
Eve's prizes - a frog and some necklaces. 

Aria got down that step all by herself!

Aria's prize - a bunny (of course, she is the animal-lover). 
 October 14th: This was our first Sunday to wear Grandma Walker's Halloween ties and bows. I wanted to get a picture of all 3 kids looking AND smiling. Well, here is what happened:

Eve was laughing at Aria - 2 for 3, not bad

Well, everyone was looking. 

Eve had to touch Aria and Reed loved rolling his tie. 

Well, at least all 3 are looking. 

The rest of September

I am so far behind, it is a little ridiculous. But, I still want to keep this blogging thing up. Buying a house, moving, and 3 kids just makes for a busy life (not to mention frequent trips to Grandma's, Kimber's , and Shauntelle's). So here is the rest of September that was on my camera. 

Shauntelle's house September 13th - photos taken by Reed:

Aria - not so happy. 

Isla - being curious 
September 17th - Park day:

I must focus. 

That's kind of weird, Mom. 

Eve upside down on the slide. 

This is what they did for most of the time. 

Reed upside down on the slide.
September 27th - McKee Ranch - Preschool field trip:

We got to pet the horses. 

We threw crackers to the chickens. 

We fed the horses carrots. 

Chickens love food. 

We even gave the bunnies some food. 

The animals made Reed laugh and Eve hide. 

The funny-looking rooster. 

Reed being brave and touching a sheep. 

Looking into the pig pen (they were super huge!). 

Eve at least walked by the horses, but wouldn't stop for a picture. 

The pigs. 

Playing after  the animals had been sufficiently fed. 

Aria had fun as well. 

She loved my glasses. 

The toys were a hit on the way out of the ranch. 

Eve finally got over being shy. 

There's my girl. 

September 28th - Evyn turns 5!

We went to BounceU in Henderson and had a blast. I was asked to make Evyn's cake and wanted to try out doing a Barbie cake. It turned out pretty good. Evyn LOVED the cake and Shauntelle and John loved it, too. I was pretty impressed with myself, for a first try.

Here she is - Miss Barbie in all her pink and purple glory:

Front of the gown 

Don't forget the "ribbon" down the side of the dress. It is very important .