June 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fire Trucks and a Lightning McQueen Party

 Friday, March 16th Eve got to see a fire truck! Reed had a make-up preschool day, so it was a girls outing. We ended up being super late because traffic is pretty much awful all the time and I was late getting Reed to preschool, but ah well - we did make it eventually.

Eve loved watching the fire truck and everything going on. She didn't really want to be involved - just wanted to observe what was going on around her. She reluctantly sat in the chair and even sat on the front of the truck long enough to get a picture of James and her.

As we were all heading out, the firefighters got called on an emergency, so we even got to watch them leave with the sirens blaring. Then, the mom's talked while the kids found rocks to play with. I also happened to have a little thing of bubbles in my purse (from when Eve went to the ER) and she blew some and poured out most of the bubbles. All-in-all a successful trip.

The chair

BFF James 
Tuesday, March 20th Reed had his official Lightning McQueen birthday party. He was SOOOO excited about his party.  Thankfully, those crazy cold sores and swollen gums were gone and he could eat like normal. We made some awesome cupcakes (shown later - not to worry) and put a bunch of balloons up 'pinterest style' (hung them from crepe paper so the kids could walk through them). We had the party at Taryn's house since ours was in boxes (quite literally). When the kids arrived, they played with balloons inside for a while. Then, we took them outside, did some races and a few rounds of duck, duck, goose. Reed loved opening all his presents and made sure to say "Thank you" to each of his friends. He just loved playing with everyone. After presents we ate lunch - chicken nuggets, fruits, and veggies - and then had cupcakes. Reed did not want us to sing to him, so we didn't. But, everyone enjoyed the cupcakes. It was a great morning/afternoon.

Looking back, I think maybe I was a little crazy to have a birthday party less than a week before moving across the country, but I really felt like Reed needed it. I am always one for birthday parties because I think they are so fun. But, I was getting everything packed and ready to go, so this was just one more thing and I was debating not doing it. But, in the end, I knew that Reed would miss his friends terribly. I knew that he really needed more playtime with them more than I needed to pack one more box. So, we did it. It was great and I would do the same thing again in that situation. I love my little man!

Opening presents:


 The cupcakes:

They turned out seriously awesome! Thanks for the help, mom!

Reed turns 4!

 On March 14, 2012 my little boy turned 4! I cannot believe that he is so big. I understand why people always say that time flies - it certainly seems to in my life. Sadly, on his birthday Reed had a mouth full of cold sores and red, swollen gums! Ouch! Also, he was getting over a huge bruise in the middle of his forehead, so his head is a light shade of green. Needles to say, he was not eating much because everything hurt. But, he stayed in pretty good spirits for most of the day.

He was super excited to open his presents from us and from his grandparents. He even got to choose what he wanted to eat - he wanted Lightning McQueen mac and cheese. The only Lightning McQueen kind I could find was the easy mac kind. So, I bought one of those for Reed and ended up with some non-Lightning McQueen mac and cheese for daddy, Grandma Rowberry, and Eve.

The day was spent going to preschool (always a plus for Reed), opening presents, making cupcakes, talking to Grandma and Grandpa Walker (and cousins and aunts) on Skype, and playing with Grandma Rowberry when she arrived after work. It ended up being a pretty fun day. I still feel bad about his mouth, but there was nothing that could be done about it. I even went to the doctor to see if we could give him anything, and he said there wasn't. I did get some kids acidophilus that I mixed into chocolate milk. That went over well because chocolate milk is a special treat at our house.

I still marvel that I have a 4-year-old child. For part of me it seems completely normal, but the other part if completely amazed. I guess kids do grow up. It just seems like it happens all at once. He is a little man now. No longer a toddler - Reed is a little boy. He has opinions, likes/dislikes, friends, and loves to do almost anything. He particularly loves running and is a good big brother. He teaches me a lot about myself and how to be a mom. He truly strives on schedules. He loves to know when we are doing what. He loves to read with me, practice his letters and numbers, and, of course, play with his friends. I love my little man! I could not have asked for a better first child. We are learning from each other.

Happy birthday Reed! I love you :)

The 'trying to be excited when I don't feel good' birthday boy showing off his Lightning McQueen shirt. 

Attempt at a big smile 

Opening presents
I found a bag of CARS cars on craigslist. Reed was so excited!

It even came with a MAC truck.

A Thomas shirt was one thing he asked for .

His presents were wrapped in newspaper. 

He loved running through his balloons. 

Putting together his spaceship puzzle

I made him  a little birthday sign. He is also showing off his dinosaur hoodie. 

A bare wall (since we were in full-on pack mode) with only one little sign on it. 

He did gulp down the Lightning McQueen mac and cheese (thankfully, because he hadn't eaten very much in the past few days).