June 2012

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally an update :)

On January 9th, my younger sister, Kristy, entered the MTC. This is us saying good bye :) She was so excited and is headed to the Taiwan Taichung mission. She is scheduled to leave March 25th to the great country of Taiwan. She has been loving her time there and is always so positive about everything :) So, life is good :)

Last year, Tyson's mom made us this Christmas calendar (something Tyson's Grandma had in her home as well). So, we get to open up a pocket everyday starting on December 1st. It was lots of fun and Tyson just looks so cute next to it : )

So, I wanted to show off some of our Christmas decorations, while showing off my growing tummy. Yes, this is a picture from a long time ago (around Christmas time), but don't worry, I will have more updates to come in the next few days (I promise, Jen). Notice the great lights on the Christmas tree, courtesy of Tyson. He put 7 strands on our little 6-foot, fake tree. But, we love them. Then, on top of our entertainment unit are some bubble lights. So, my dad saw those when he walked into our apartment and told us stories of how he saw those in his grandma's house. It was neat to hear some stories and I already have an idea for a Christmas present for next year :)