June 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Kids Being Kids

September 10, 2012 - The kids decided that it would be a fun game to make a fort out of couch cushions and hide underneath them. Indeed, it was a fun game! Their little bodies fit so well under the cushions. I was just a little too big to fit under there. 

They also had a grand time playing on the couch sans cushions! Who knew it could be so much fun?! Aria had an especially good time. She is getting so big (well, not literally, but growing up) and is excited to be able to kind of keep up with Reed and Eve.

September 11, 2012 - It rained most of the day (perhaps for more reasons than 1). The kids went out to play in the rain, always a favorite past time. Thankfully, Reed and Eve had rain boots - so they played for a lot longer than Aria could. 

Eve decided it was a good idea to lay down in the rain puddle. 

Happy and thoroughly drenched!

Happy Birthday to Me and Uncle Jerry

September 3rd was Labor Day,  so Tyson had it off. Yahoo! We went shooting with Adam, Kimber, Grandpa Walker, Grandma Walker, Jared, Beckie, and the kids (of course). Then we went back to the Walker's to see the wedding pictures, swim, and just hang out before Jared and Beckie headed back to L.A. It was a fun and relaxing day. 

September 4, 2012 I turned 30! I am still kind of shocked that I am already 30. wasn't I just in high school going to all those A.P. classes and singing my heart out in choir? These past 12 years have gone so quickly, it's hard to believe that they have already passed. Now my life goes by even quicker with 3 little kids to take care of. Amazing. Anyways, yes, I turned 30 and hopefully my 30's will be completely awesome! So far they have been great :) 

I was still on the no dairy and no soy diet, so I made my own cake, but I do love baking, so it didn't bother me in the least. I received some beautiful gifts: a necklace and gift card from my parents, a kindle (yahoo!) and pepper grinder (something I have been talking about) from Tyson, a skirt and necklace from Shauntelle, and pampered chef stuff (the classic mixing bowl, decorating tube and tips, and the micro scraper) from Tyson's parents. It was a good time :) Happy birthday to me! 

We didn't have a 39, so we used our 28 plus 2 more candles. 

I love Reed's face as I open my presents!

Some sad news: My Uncle Jerry Stevens passed away September 5, 2012. It was definitely one of those bitter sweet passings for everyone. I did not get to spend much time with him since we never lived in the same place. But, the times I did get to spend with him at family reunions were awesome. He was a super hard-working man and definitely loved his family.

I decided to fly to Mesa on Friday, September 7th, to be able to attend the funeral on September 8th. It was  a short trip for Aria and me. There was was drama when I thought I had lost my cell phone and had no phone numbers written down. But, I ended up finding my cell phone (I still don't know how it ended up on the bottom of my bag) after arriving in Mesa. Phew!

I was able to stay with my Aunt Miriam and Uncle Chief (thank you!) and then we drove to the funeral on Saturday in St. Johns, AZ. My parents and brother Justin were also able to come to the funeral, along with all of my Mom's siblings and spouses. It was nice to see everyone. It's hard to keep up with everyone when there is such a big family (11 siblings + 10 spouses + 60 cousins + their spouses + cousins' kids), so it was nice to get a quick update on a lot of people.

The funeral was nice  - not super long, but definitely to the point. I am so glad that I was able to go. At least Uncle Jerry is in a better and more peaceful place.

The coffin

Mom, Aria, Me 

The original 11 (there were 5 kids from my grandpa and 4 from my step-grandma (although I always thought of her as my grandma), then 2  more kids after the two got married)

Age order - Uncle Jerry was married to Aunt Kathy (the one on the chair) 

Siblings and spouses 
Sunday I got to go to church with one of my good friends from VA who moved to AZ about a month after we moved to NV! Even though the visit was short, it was great to be able to see Jana, Joe, and kids. After the visit, Jana brought me back to my Aunt and Uncle's house where we chatted with my parents and some of my aunts and uncles until I had to go to the airport. Then it was back to Las Vegas. My trip was short, but it was worth it. The older I get, the more and more I appreciate all the support I receive from my family and friends.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Springs Preserve

Labor Day weekend was a treat. :) We had been planning on going to the Springs Preserve and most of the Walker clan was able to join us (including Jared and Beckie who live in L.A.)! The major highlights of our trip was seeing the bird show (live birds - amazing!), the snake (pictures below), and watching water rush under our feet! If you are looking for an interesting place to go in Las Vegas, that is not the typical Las Vegas scene, I highly recommend the Springs Preserve. 

The kids loved this ball! 

Leaning about bugs
Reed's photos:

Love it!

Apparently, this little girl was super interesting. 

The pictures on the wall. 

The ceiling

The wood floor

When we were waiting in line. 

Of course he had to take a picture of the boy wearing Lightning McQueen shorts!
The train ride:

The snake:

Outside playground:

After the Preserve, we went to the mall for lunch and watched Krystal's girls show-off some new clothes from one of the department stores. Awesome :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Things have just been so busy lately, I have not had time to keep my posting to a normal or permissible amount. Sorry. :( With moving to a new house, painting the entire thing, packing the old house, cleaning the old and new houses, hosting Thanksgiving, teaching YW every week (and even being in charge of an activity) and getting ready for a birthday and Christmas - I have just been busy. But, more posting is soon to follow. Christmas is pretty much done, so I will have a few spare minutes on my hands. See you soon!