June 2012

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cookie Messes and Being Crafty

Recently, we have had some Oreo cookies in our house (which is something that never happens) because I made a homemade cheesecake with an Oreo crust (it turned out delicious! I even made homemade raspberry puree and put a few fresh raspberries on each piece. I was very proud. It was my first time doing this). Well, there were and still are some cookies left over, so Reed has had a few and loved them! He mostly enjoys the cream center, but eventually gets around to the cookie part as well. Well, here is what happens when he does.....

I thought his face wuld be much dirtier, but apparently, he just transferred it all to his hands :) (Doesn't he look so grown up?!)

Yes, both of his hands were equally as chocolatey.....he sure had fun!

A couple of Saturdays ago, we had a Relief Society craft day. I had signed up for 3 crafts (yes, very daring for me) even though I am not the craftiest person in the world. I ended up making a baby tutu, an eye spy bag, and a glass Christmas block. It was a ton of fun and my crafts ended up being pretty awesome (by my standards, that it is)!

The baby-sized tutu that I actually made! It is so sparkly and fun! I may have to make one in my size :)

I loved these "eye spy" bags at the school I used to work at and now I officially made one! I felt very accomplished after this craft.

I actually put the Christmas lights inside this glass, square box. I think it turned out pretty cool. I also want to do one with white lights in it. I just think white lights are gorgeous!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Natural History Museum

One rainy Wednesday morning, Reed and I headed downtown to see the tarantula feeding at the Museum of Natural History! I was pretty excited because animal feedings are always a good time. There was a school group there as well, so that made it even more fun. We even ended up finding free parking in DC! Yeah, I guess it is good to go out in the rain.

During the presentation a little girl (previously unknown to me) looked at me and said, "Are they going to make it scary?" I told her no and then went back to listening to the volunteer talk about tarantulas. A couple minutes later the same girl sat right next to me and started holding my hand (I am assuming because she was scared). I just kind of sat there. I think she thought I was a parent from her class? Who knows, but at least she thought I looked like a nice person :)

Well, the tarantula did not actually eat the cricket because she was about to shed her skin (apparently, they fast right before shedding their exoskeleton), however we saw a lot of other cool 'bugs.' They had hornworms (they are eventually moths), cockroaches, the blue fainting beetle (I think that is the name - they faint when there predator is about to eat them. It was really funny), and the stick bugs out for the kids to look at and even touch (well, some of the bugs).

Reed had a blast at this part of the museum. Most of the displays had live insects/bugs in them and some of the windows were even low enough that he could see just standing there, with no help. I would have to say that his favorite were the water bugs. He looked at the water display at least 10 times and would there for a couple minutes at a time. He also enjoyed the crab things (yeah, I forgot the name) because he could see them without my help.

We ended our trip with the butterfly exhibit. Yes, I did end up paying for it this time since it was not a Wednesday, but Reed was free. The $6 was worth for me because it is my favorite thing to see all types of butterflies and moths flying around. It is just beautiful!

Coming home I remember how much I detest driving in downtown DC - you cannot turn left where you need to turn left and there are no U-turns allowed! I was going to call my dad because he knows the streets, but realized that I had left my cell phone at home!
So, I took a detour on some roads, but I eventually made it back home. Phew! Crisis Averted!

Reed in front of the water bug exhibit....he is looking so old!

The water bugs - having some sort of secret meeting

I got an ok picture of one swimming!

This is where the crab things were displayed. Since they live under water, it was perfect height for Reed to see!

Reed was actually not sad in this picture. He always does this smile/frown thing, but I have never been able to photograph the frown - I finally got one! So, just before this he was giving a cheesy grin, then he sticks his lip out. So funny!!! He is really good at sticking out his bottom lip.

I think these are called Australian Stick Bugs....something like that!

Reed back at the water bug display...for the 10th time

The Butterfly Exhibit!

I thought this one turned out so beautiful :)

I wonder what happened to the wing?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Shower and Hair

Last Saturday I had a baby shower for my upcoming little girl! Thanks goes to Jana for putting the whole thing together :) It was just fun to have a party, eat food, and open presents - 3 of my favorite things to do in the world! I am so excited for our little girl! She has been kicking and squirming, so I think she is pretty excited as well :)

I also thought my hair looked pretty dang good in these pictures, so here I am sporting the "not flipped out" or "under" look.

Her first little toy/blanket

Onesies - a must have

Thanks to Barb for this one! They are socks that look like Mary Jane's! Wow, I seriously thought they were so cute!

The crowd....

More people :)

More people :)

More people :)

Sleepers - also a must have

So, I just barely noticed the "ballet slippers" on the bottom of this sleeper! Man, little girl stuff is too cute!!! I wish they made baby/kid clothes in my size!