June 2012

Sunday, March 23, 2008

David Reed Walker!!!!

We are both so tired!!!!

Reed always finds a way to get his foot out of his pajamas!

Proud and very tired parents of Reed

We get to go home baby! Yahoo!!!

First Hospital Bath

First Bath at Home

How cute is that outfit! Thanks Chelsea :)

Our little angel sleeping :)

So, I am here to proudly introduce a new addition to the Tyson and Janae Walker family! His name is David Reed Walker (we are going to call him Reed...long story that I will explain if you so desire). He arrived on March 14, 2008 at 3:54 am at Orem Community Hospital! He was born a week early and here is the rundown of how it all happened. On Wednesday I went to the doctor and I was measuring smaller than I had the previous week (not a good sign at all). So, they sent me on Thursday to do a non-stress test on the baby just to make sure everything was ok with him. So, we went and the baby's heart beat/oxygen level looked great. But, when they did the mini-ultrasound she found that I was very low on amniotic fluid - not a good thing at all. I was down to a 4.6 and the normal level is around 8. In Utah they let you get down to a 5 before they will induce you. So, needless to say, they sent me to labor and delivery and I was induced at 5:45 pm on Thursday. Tyson and I were a bit shocked because we thought maybe they would schedule us for the next morning or something like that. But, I literally went from my appointment to home to get my bags and then to the labor and delivery part of the hospital. So, they put in pitossin (I'm not sure on the spelling) and that started my body contracting. Then, once I got up to the highest level, I asked for the epidural. Once I had the epidural I felt really good. But, it seemed as if labor was not progressing very well. So, I was stuck at 4 cm in dilation for lots of hours. Then at about 12:30 am the nurse checked and I was still at a 4. But, about an hour later the nurse checked again and I was at a 10 (fully dilated)!!!! So, I was pretty excited and in a bit more pain, but it was good :) So, I pushed for 2 hours, but the baby was just stuck! My body was so exhausted that I could not do it anymore. What happened was that his head did not turn when coming down the birth canal....so, it was harder for it to come out. So, they ended up calling a doctor in to help the baby out with forceps. By that point, I was just wanting it to be over. I wanted everything to be ok. So, when he got there, the baby came out in just a couple of minutes. So, at 3:54 am David Reed Walker was born. He weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. He has a bunch of beautiful dark hair and blue eyes (so far). He was so peaceful once he came out. He just looked around and up at Tyson and me :) It was truly a miracle and one of the neatest feelings in the world! So, yeah, I am a mom now! I am pretty tired, but things are going well.

The Haircut!

For those of you who have not seen me in the past while, I was growing my hair out. It was getting pretty long and I decided that I couldn't take it anymore....So, I decided that before the baby was born, I better cut my hair. Here are the fabulous results from a few weeks ago....just about 10 days before baby was born!!!! Hope you like it :) It was a needed change!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Valentine's, cute babies, and the most recent belly picture :)

So, one of the last two pictures are of me opening a present from my Provo baby shower! Yipee for baby clothes! We put together the baby's room and put all the clothes in his dresser! Man, I am so excited! Sometimes, I just look in his room and can't wait for it to be used by an actual little baby :) 17 days and counting! This second picture is the most recent picture of my belly! It was taken on Friday, February 29th...yeah for leap day! I am about ready to pop! At times it seems weird, yet amazing that I have a little person inside of me! I can't wait to meet him in person!!!!

The weekend after Valentine's we went to Vegas for my baby shower and I totally didn't take pictures! I will get some from Tyson's mom, but we did take some pictures of some amazingly cute little kids! Our nephew, Vance, just had this amazing picture of watching a balloon float to the ceiling. I love the amazement of little kids! We also got a picture of Mackenzi, our niece, at her birthday party! She just turned 2 and loved all of her little presents :) I love little kids!!!!

So, I always love Valentine's day! I am just a sentimental girl, but I love it :) So, Tyson knows how much I love Valentine's day and always plans something super cute! So, this year he came to my work and put a gerbera daisy on my car (they are my favorite). Then, when I got home he had 6 white roses on the table! They were so beautiful :) He did so good! He even cleaned the house before I got home! That was one of the best presents ever :) We went out to Thai food (kind of a tradition to have Thai food) and I ended up seeing two friends there! So, we got home and I thought that was it, but it wasn't! He thought of everything :) He rented "Becoming Jane" because it's a sappy girl movie that he knew I wanted to see (even though he wouldn't have chosen that one) and said that I needed some chocolate, so got me some chocolate-covered strawberries! It was a great Valentine's day! I felt so bad because all I did was make a giant valentine for Tyson! It was a pretty sweet valentine, though, if I do say so myself :)