June 2012

Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 28!!!

Ok, so I know that you guys can't really tell the difference between Reed when he was born and Reed now. So, I thought I would post some pictures of him wearing the same outfit! The difference is amazing! He has grown so much and is actually starting to fit into his clothes! So, the bigger pictures were taken today, April 11, 2008 - day 28 of Reed being part of our family! The smaller pictures were taken March 16, 2008 - day 3 :) Hope you can see the difference!

Day 28 - clothes are starting to fit!

"I just can't stay awake, mom!"

"But, I do have to say that I have great lips! Thanks, dad!"

Day 3 - after his first bath at home

Look how big it is on him!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

He is growing so big!

So, the past almost four weeks have gone by so fast! It's crazy that Reed is almost one month! It seems so new and yet, I wonder what I did before having a child. I love being a mom! I have been a little overwhelmed at times....just knowing that he relies on us for everything - it is a bit daunting! But, I love Reed more than I could explain! I guess moms would understand....and I thought I did before I was a mom, but I realize now how much deeper the love goes! So, here are some great pictures of our little growing Reed! He is really starting to fill out - still a little skinny guy, like his dad, but his face is filling out! Tyson requested that I take more pictures of him awake.....so, here are the results! Hope you like them!

My sleeping boys! Yes, Reed is showing off his muscles!

A true cougar fan starts early :)

"Just chillin' in my Dino Camo."

"Grandma Walker is the best!"

"I want to touch the camera mom."

"Watch it! I know Kung Fu!"

"Tummy time is seriously the best! Yes, I do have chicken legs and I am proud of it!"