June 2012

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Piano Is So Much Fun!

June 9, 2011 - We watched a cute little boy for our friend and had tons of fun! The cutest thing by far was when all 3 kids were sitting the piano bench playing the piano. After all, playing the piano is so much fun! They had a blast!!

I was amazed that they all got along on the piano bench.

Trying to get everyone to look was easier said than done.

Well, theres 2 out of 3 - not bad.

Got the other one :)

Reed must have been doing something really interesting.

June 11, 2011 - I had my end-of-school piano recital and it turned out fabulous! Thanks (again) to Mina for hosting the deal! The kids did awesome! I am always so proud of them when they perform. I know how hard they worked and how scary it can be performing in front of people, but they all introduced themselves, played their songs, and bowed after it was all over. I really know how they feel because I actually performed "Homecoming" by John Schmidt after the rest of my students had performed. I didn't have as much time to practice as I would have liked, but it ended up pretty good. I realized it has been so long since I have performed a more challenging song, I am completely out of practice of that whole performing thing. I guess I will have to keep practicing and keep performing.

Sadly, 2 of my students were not able to attend the recital, so the picture is missing those beautiful faces. This was also sort of a farewell to a lot of my students. Many are not taking summer lessons and after the baby is born I decided to only take a few students back around October (if everything goes well). So, it was a bittersweet ending to the recital, but we all had a lot of fun! Here are 9 of my 11 beautiful students (plus Eve who had to be included in the pictures).

I love my students and piano!!
Benjamin, Sophie, Isabel, Chandler, Kira, Katriel, Jack, Talia, Maria, Eve, Myself (not shown: Makenna and Andrew)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guess Who and Fun in the Sun

June 2, 2011 - A group of mysterious pictures (that I did not take) showed up on my camera today. Can you figure out who might have taken these? :) 

I guess this pretty much gave it away :)

I think this is the only angle in which Reed could have a double chin.

He actually took a good shot of Eve...and yes, that is my pregnant belly in the background.

Of course, something green had to be added to the mix - especially if it is a balloon!

 June 4, 2011 - We went to Fairfax County Spray Park (not really a park - it's inbetween a mall, movie theatre, and some restaurants) for a birthday party for our little friend, Elise. She turned 3!! Congrats to her! She has also moved away to Ecudaor (I think) since the birthday party, so it was also a little going away party. She will be missed!

Reed was a little hesitant at first. But, once he had some friends get in the water, he was hooked! The water sprays in intervals, so the kids loved trying to figure out when it would spray where. I guess I should have checked Reed's swimming suit before buying it last year because the string that tightens his suit does not go all the way around the suit. Weird - don't most kids suits do that? I guess not. Anyways, poor little Reed's suit was falling down as soon as he got wet. I tried to get photo proof, no such luck. I may just have to sew the sides in a little. He has his father's lack of a bum...ah well...life could be much worse than that, right?! But, he still had a great time!

Eve WOULD NOT even get close to the water without being held. I know that it was because it was spraying up. She loves the swimming pool. So, she spent the afternoon relaxing in a chair next to me. I guess I should have gotten her a smaller size swimming suit (which she now has) because I put it on and it was almost falling off! Pictures will show you what I mean. It's a good thing she was wearing a swim diaper - or it just may have fallen completely off before the day was through. Hopefully it will fit her next year and not be too small :) Fingers crossed.

Starting to get brave.

Girl in the all blue (maybe more of a periwinkle) suit is the birthday girl! Oh, and I love Reed's face in this picture!

Eve just lounging in her huge bathing suit! Don't her legs look super long?!

You can tell that his suit is coming down.

Also, Eve lets me put pigtails in her hair! I just love it :) Helps her to stay at least a little cooler.