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Monday, June 10, 2013

Reed's Birthday Party

Two days post birthday (March 16, 2013), Reed had "his other birthday" a.k.a. his birthday party. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge the camera, so only got a few photos, but it was awesome! We decided to do Super Hero School (thanks to a few ideas on Pinterest :) ). We invited all Reed's Las Vegas cousins, the kids in his church class (old and new ward), and his preschool friends. All-in-all, I knew we were going to have a large turn out. We ended up having 27 kids there! Yeah, 27 kids.....it was a little crazy, but I think everyone had a good time. So, before I get to the party, these were my 2 creations (again thakns to ideas on Pinterest) to go with the Super Hero theme: cupcakes and a fruit/cheese bowl. 

I am super proud of my Avengers cupcakes. From top to bottom: Hulk's face, Thor's Hammer, Iron Man's face, and Captain America's shield. 

The Captain America shield made with fruit and cheese (and a paper star). We also had Hulk Punch and Invisible water to drink. Plus, a veggie tray and super hero pizza. Needless to say, no one went hungry. :)

The party: I had a bunch of different activities planned that were super hero-themed. The best one (in my opinion) was making our own shields. The kids got to paint their own shields (I had cut out of cardboard) and then I put some duct tape on the back so they could actually hold the shield. They all seemed to really enjoy the painting.

After the painting we went outside and used our super strength to throw water balloons/grenades at the wall. We also used our web-slinging abilities to sling the bad guys (used silly string on pictures of bad guys). We also had to test our speed and agility. I put up paint buckets and we ran around them (who says you have to have grass in the back yard to play?!).

Next, we went inside to have a little target practice. I set up targets up the wall (I have T staurs) and the kids took turns shooting the targets with squirt guns (sans water). Then, we went into another room and had to show off our ninja skills. I had balloons as the bad ninjas and the kids took turns punching them down and even doing a few high kicks. Lastly (although I had planned more, but forgot about it), we used our iron man power (glow sticks in your hand in a circle) to push back some bad guys (they were really agents at the school who were pretending to be bad guys) and then they were tackled.

By that time, all the super heroes-in-training, so we had our super hero lunch. After lunch, came presents. I love watching how excited kids get to see what the birthday person gets. They all had so much fun looking at the toys and even cleaning up the paper after it was all over.

All-in-all a successful Super Hero School. It was a bit overwhelming at times, but the kids were excited and had a good time. I forgot to have them run on the bubble wrap and "dodge the bullets" as they were leaving. I was also going to do something with popping bubbles and lassoing stuff, but we ran out of time. I guess that could be Super Hero School: Part 2!

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Happy birthday to the Avenger! That’s looks like a party for someone who really loves the avengers, just like my son. We’re throwing him a marvel themed birthday party in one of the LA venue. He’s a really big fan of the comics and I thought that he’d like that.