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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pink Eye, Park Fun, and My Baby Turns 5!

As mentioned in the last post, my kids ended up getting pink eye after coming back from Arizona. I thought we were safe since we had been back for 5 days and there were no signs. But, on Saturday, February 23rd, Eve had goop in one eye. I noticed it when they were in the bath and thought, "Oh great....here comes pink eye." We took her to a quick care place in CVS and got some drops. She got it in her other eye the next day. Luckily, it went away quickly, since we had hopped right on it. I thought we were safe since no one else had any symptoms and Eve's eyes were clear. I was wrong. 

Reed was the next victim. He woke up goop in an eye on the next Tuesday. He couldn't go to preschool (which really upset him) and I took him to the same place to get the medicine. After 24 hours, the medicine is in full effect and they are no longer contagious. He did get it a little in the other eye, but it cleared up nicely. We kept doing the drops for the 5 days. I thought Aria was safe, but no. 

A few days later (on Saturday), Aria's eyes both went super pink. The other kids had a bunch of goop. Hers was less goop-filled, but much more pink. I didn't even need to go in. I knew what it was. I used the drops (don't worry they were sterilized and never actually touched an eye) from Eve on Aria. She got cleared up quickly, but just to be safe the kids didn't play with other kids (aside from Reed going to preschool) for the next week. Yeah, we were all done with being inside our house. 

Luckily, there was a beautiful day that came. 
March 12, 2013 - We went to Red Ridge Park and had a blast! We didn't need jackets and even wore flip flops! Love it :) The kids had so much fun and Kimber and her boys were able to meet us there. Eve got a hold of the camera and took some interesting pictures. Who knows, she may be a photographer, too. :) 

Courtesy of Eve - Love Kimber's face

Eve taking a picture of her shadow. 

March 14, 2013 - My baby turned 5! I can't believe it! Reed is such a little man. He is so excited about going to Kindergarten and playing with friends. He is a super smart kid and ultra observant. He also remembers everything you say - pros and cons to that one. He loves anything to do with Super Heroes, but also loves playing house with Eve. He is a great older brother and takes care of his younger sisters. He loves singing, being silly, reading, playing the Wii with daddy, swimming, and even helping me with jobs.

Reed went to school on his birthday and had a great time. After school he got to pick lunch and dinner. For dinner he chose gnocchi. Yes, that's right, gnocchi. He just loves that potato pasta. I love that he even knows what that is. Reed, Eve, and Aria all made Super Hero capes out of men's white undershirts after quite time. Then, they ran around the house saving the world. It was the cutest thing. :)

We had whatever family that could come show up after dinner for cake and ice cream. He wanted a Spider-man cake for "this birthday" and Avenger cupcakes for his "other birthday" (his party). We opened presents, played and had a great time. Ah the life of a 5-year-old. Happy birthday little man! I love you!

The capes

The cake - I think I did a pretty good job on that spider :) 

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