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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My First Christmas Tree

Growing up we always had a fake Christmas tree -- sometimes 2 (a kids tree and a mom tree). I recall that my mom loved having a Blue Spruce in our house. I never thought anything of having a fake tree, that's just what we had. I still loved decorating the tree and it was almost easier since the branches could be folded what ever way I wanted them to be. 

Fast forward to getting married to Tyson - someone who had always had a real tree at Christmas time. He was disappointed that we had to get a fake tree due to money constraints. But, h e was happy that we only had to buy that tree one time and it lasted 2006 - 2011 - much more economical.

This year was the year that we finally bought a real (meaning fresh) Christmas tree. I was excited and a little nervous because the decision was up to me, pretty much. Which tree did I like? I had no idea what to look for in a live tree - having never had one before. But, I think we did a pretty good job picking one out. 

December 1st - When we pulled into the lot on, Reed saw this huge tree (at least 20 feet - if not taller) and said, "That's the tree I want. It can go in our room with the tall ceiling." Yes, it would have fit, but, no, we didn't get that tree. Reed was a little disappointed, but not enough for it to dampen the mood of buying a live tree that actually smelled like Christmas instead of having Christmas sprayed on it from a bottle (to this day - I can'[t stand the fake Christmas smell that tries to be real). 

Eve wanted every single tree we saw - especially the ones they had frosted to make it look like snow. No, we did not go with that either. 

Aria was just enjoying walking in the trees getting lost. Don't worry, we found her. 

We ended up with about a 7 foot tree and it looked awesome! The guy cut it for us, which was a whole new adventures as well and then, we were off to put it up in our house. We have basically an entire room just for the Christmas tree (since we are lacking in the furniture department right now), so it was fun to be able to fill that room with something so green and lovely. It also made the house smell amazing - like Christmas :)

What a great day with my family. I think Reed might actually remember picking out the tree. He was so excited! Merry Christmas (even if it is February). 

My first live Christmas tree

We had to get a close-up. 

Getting a fresh cut on the stump. 

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