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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Eve turns 3!

December 23rd my little Eve turned 3! It's hard to believe that she is already that old! I do feel a little bad that her birthday is so close to Christmas, but she does share the day with an amazing person - Joseph Smith. So, she is in good company. Plus, she was the best Christmas present we have ever received. It is also nice that since it is so close to Christmas, out-of-town family is usually in-town and everyone can take time to celebrate with us. 

Eve is such a sweet little girl with an amazing imagination. 
She and Reed play all sorts of games together and she is physically just as tough as the boys (if not tougher). Emotionally, she is very much a girl. Hurt feelings make her cry. 
She is actually a super funny person. She has an infectious laugh and comes up with some of the funniest lines. She loves doing things that make people laugh (Reed has already commented, "Mom, Eve really is funny!"). 
Her favorite church song is "I am a Child of God" and her favorite non-church song is "Call Me, Maybe." Her favorite colors are pink and purple. 
I think she is going to be very artistic - she will color for an hour and loves to paint. She is specific about which colors she wants where, which I find amazing for someone her age. 
She loves being a 'mom.' 

Since it was a Sunday, Eve even got wear her birthday dress to church! She was super excited about her dress (I'm glad because I bought it a while ago since I loved it so much and have been saving it for her birthday). We decorated the hallway and her door with balloons and such - the usual :). We headed to Grandma Walker's house after naps for the birthday dinner, cake, and presents. 

Everyone in Tyson's family was able to be there, including the out-of-towners Jared and Beckie! Shauntelle and John and the kids were able to come as well. It's nice to be surrounded by so much family. It really helped make Eve's day super special. 

Just love doing this - and love that I don't have to pay for helium!

Reed is always so excited to give other people presents and watch them open it. Eve's birthday was no exception! 

The hallway
This year Eve wanted a Barbie doll cake that was pink and purple. Mission accepted and completed. Plus, I had some leftover cake and made a little cake with her name on it.  She absolutely loved it!

The finished product

She even has a bow in the back. Plus, an accidental but gorgeous up do to make her look fancy!

Pretty good, right?!

The beautiful birthday girl in her birthday dress by her birthday cake! 
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Eve

Blowing out the candles 
After dinner and cake and ice cream, it was present time and Eve really lucked out! She got a little timid when opening presents, since everyone was watching her, but Reed made the perfect side comments, "Look at that! How cute!" and "Hey, she's opening another one. Everyone watch!" - Such a supportive older brother.
The presents 

Piggie and Elephant books - a personal favorite of mine and my kids

Princess play dolls 
 After that, the kids just played and had a good time. Eve got some fairy wings and a wand from Aunt Tifani and spent the rest of the night with them (almost) permanently attached. We all enjoyed each other's company and the rest of the evening. I love you, Eve! Happy 3rd birthday :)

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